Car Detail – What Is It, And Why Do You Need It?


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Did you know that auto detailing is the fastest-growing segment of the mobile and automobile industry? People love the benefits of getting a Car Detail, including increased resale value, lower insurance premiums, and even more comfortable driving experiences.

Car detailing is a service that specializes in improving vehicle aesthetics through thorough washing, polishing, waxing, and buffing of your vehicle. Car detailers are cleaning experts, polishing and waxing cars to make them look new for a fraction of what you pay at an auto dealership. Services include carpet shampooing, leather conditioning, headlight restoration, window tinting, and more. The best part about car detailing is extending your warranty by protecting your paint job from oxidation caused by environmental pollutants.

Here are some more benefits you might not have known about! Auto detailing can provide…

Correct And Preserve Your Exterior Paint Job

The paint on your car is not going to last forever. Unless you have a garage and never go outside, your car is going to be scratched. However, if you keep it in pristine condition with detail now and then, those scratches will be much less noticeable and much easier to take care of when they do occur. It is not hard to pop open a door for someone or pull over to let someone pass you on a two-lane road without being scratched, but it can happen. In order for scratches to show up as little as possible, as soon as they do happen, get them taken care of ASAP! Trust us – and you will be more than glad you did.

Preserves Your Upholstery

Have you ever noticed how your car interior smells after being out in rainy weather? Alternatively, maybe it does not, but that is probably because rain-washes away harmful bacteria that get trapped inside your car’s fabric. During an auto detail, a professional cleaner will apply chemicals to your upholstery, which kills 99% of bacteria. Over time, these same bacteria can cause permanent damage to your interior, so it is important to have them washed away on a regular basis. Not only will you notice an improvement in smell and coloration after receiving a professional Car Detail, but it may also extend your seat life by years!

Enhances Car Performance

There are a number of ways a detail can enhance your car’s performance. A professional detailer is able to properly clean and wax your car, which means it will be protected from environmental hazards. Not only that, however you can also expect better aerodynamics, improved fuel efficiency, and an overall improvement in driving quality. By enhancing driving quality, you will also see improvements in other aspects of your vehicle; everything from its electrical system to its tires will be improved after one good detailing job. Finally, by reducing wind resistance (and thus making cars lighter), you’ll see increased performance on curves and turns as well as slightly higher speeds for free-wheeling downhills.

Extends The Cars Lifespan

A car that has been taken care of will last longer than one that is not. In addition, it is easier to sell an older car in great condition than one that has many scratches, dents, and all sorts of other problems. It would be a disgrace to lose a lot of money simply because you did not invest in a good auto detail. If you want your car to last longer and sell for more, then take care of it with Car Detail service once in a while.

Preserves Vehicle’s Resale Value

A new car loses as much as 10% of its value in the first year; some estimates put that figure as high as 20%. This can be mostly attributed to everyday wear and tear. Having your vehicle professionally detailed every six months is a good way to ensure you get back what you paid for it (and more) when you’re ready to sell. A simple cleaning, waxing, and buffing goes a long way toward keeping your vehicle looking shiny, sleek, and new.


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