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Most car users think that ensuring lightbulbs or led headlamps work is all you need to maintain headlights. But in reality, there’s something more to it than just maintenance of lightbulbs. Foggy or cloudy headlights can make your driving conditions a lot harder, even on a well-paved highway. Drivers should always take correct precautionary measures to ensure a clear view upfront at night. Cloudy lenses of your car’s headlights can affect the efficacy of your headlights as the light coming from them will not be clear and hence affect your visibility as well.

Cloudy headlights have become one of the reasons for road accidents due to low visibility but are mistaken for faulty lightbulbs. That is because, in most instances, drivers are unaware of the phenomenon. They suppose that it has not anything to do with cloudy headlights and keep riding with it. Taking note of the lights is always a key to saving you from such disastrous accidents, which can even prove to be fatal for you. If you notice that your headlights are not as bright as usual or dimming down, then it’s a clear sign of cloudy headlights. Though now headlights are made of plastic with a different u-value than glass headlights, still this plastic is not going to stay for life and may crack or degrade due to UV lights and temperature variations.

How To Clean Cloudy Headlights?

If your headlights are getting cloudy, you don’t need to worry. Exposure to UV light and difference in temperature affects the plastic headlights, and as a result, the lenses emit a yellow light while absorbing the blue light of your headlight, which is less potent than the blue light. You can clean cloudy headlights quite easily, and you don’t need a hell of tools for this either.

The process to get rid of these cloudy headlights is pretty much simple and does not require any rocket science or special skill. All you’re going to need is:

  • Cleansing Product (Toothpaste or Baking Soda)
  • A Soft Brush
  • Water to Rinsing
  • A Microfiber Cloth or Towel
  • Latex Gloves (if you have sensitive skin)
  1. Preliminary Clean

The first step to clean cloudy headlights is always to clean the surface of headlight lenses to remove all the dirt and other fragments. You can use the mild cleanser to wipe off the dirt particles from the plastic lenses gently. This way, you can get rid of all the dust and other debris like dead bugs. Once you’ve finished the preliminary cleaning of the headlights’ surface, you will be left with a crystal-clear surface. 


After cleaning the surface of your car’s headlights, the next step is to dry it. You should ensure that the surface is dry, and to do so, you can use a microfiber cloth or towel that will absorb all of the liquids instantly. Drying with a microfiber cloth will also ensure there are no scratches on your headlight lenses.

3.Apply Cloud Cleanser

The next step after drying the surface of your headlights is to apply a rational amount of cloud cleanser. Cloud cleansers usually come with headlight restoration kits, but you can also use quality toothpaste or baking soda. You should apply a thick layer of cleanser on the headlight lenses and then rest it to completely dry. Don’t wipe it right away. You should at least leave the cleanser on the lenses for ten to fifteen minutes for the best results. 

4.Use A Soft Brush

Once the cloud cleanser dries up it’s time to clean it away. Use a brush and rub it in a circular motion, clockwise or anticlockwise, all on you. But the choice of brush is crucial as it can scratch the surface. Make sure you’re getting around the entire surface of the headlights while using your brush lightly to avoid any scratches. If you do the steps right, you’ll notice that the cloudiness from your headlight lenses is fading away.

5.Rinse The Cleanser

The last step is to clean off excessive cleanser from the headlights. If you notice the cloudiness and yellowish layer is no more visible on your headlights, rinse the cloud cleanser away with clean water and wipe it thoroughly. Polish with a microfiber towel until all the cleansers are gone. Don’t forget to dry the headlight lenses with a microfiber towel, as it will make your headlights don’t catch dust easily and stay glossy as new.

Final Thoughts

Normally, this is all it will take to clean off the haziness of your headlights. Though it is quite a simple job to clean the cloudy headlights and give them a fresh look with all the products already available at home, you should always be careful while utilizing your DIY kits. If you’re not too familiar with this sort of stuff and don’t know the way to do away with the fogginess from your headlights, you may end up ruining them completely. We often see such instances wherein headlights are broken within the technique of being wiped clean with hard materials or with a competitive hand.

In this sort of case, you need to get your headlights restored from an expert like Range Rover Workshop in Abu Dhabi. They have an expert team and world-class equipment to give your old and hazy headlights a brand new and shiny look. They use soft-touch materials and lightly sand down all the cloudiness and dust particles. When you sand it down it becomes a matte finish and requires a polish which most people don’t do at home. So, afterward, they buff your headlights with a polish giving it a shiny and clean look once again. Once polishing of the headlights is done, the next step is to put a clear protection film on them which will protect them from getting cloudy in the future as well as against scratches due to rock chips and other debris on the road. Your headlights are gleaming and crystal clear to make your way clear on the road.


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