Common iPhone Problems and its Solutions


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Due to the excellent functionalities provided by iPhones, they have been a user’s favorite ever since its launch. Apple’s iPhones are no different from any other electronic device, however.

There might be a need to take your iPhone to a reliable iPhone repair center if wear and tear leads to issues with your iPhone.

Visit an iPhone repair in Vancouver if you wish to do that. As a result, you will receive original spares and your repair costs will be justified.

Despite this, repair centers do not always solve all issues. It is possible to fix most of them yourself by making a few tweaks. This article discusses the common issues that affect iPhones, as well as possible solutions.

Wi-Fi Not Connecting

The solution to this problem is very simple, and it is very common with iPhones. Once the Apple logo appears, you will need to turn the phone off, press the Home and Lock buttons simultaneously, and then turn it back on. If you restart the iPhone, Wi-Fi should work again. It is possible that you will need to visit a repair center if you are still experiencing issues with Wi-Fi.

iOS Updates Not Available

iOS can sometimes fail to update when you attempt using your iPhone. The solution to this problem is similar to the previous one. Perform a force restart of your iPhone by connecting your phone to your Mac or PC. When you do this, your iPhone will be brought into Recovery mode. A process will also appear for you to start an update once you click that option.

Cracked Screen

A crack in the screen of one of these smartphones can ruin its looks and make it less attractive and beautiful. Also, a cracked screen may cause your phone to malfunction and become unusable.

Taking your iPhone to a trusted repair center is the only way to resolve this problem. They will be able to examine the situation and take appropriate action.

Camera Not Working

Many iPhone users have reported issues with their camera not working. There are some restrictions that may prevent the iPhone camera from functioning. The camera can be turned on by going to Settings > General Instructions. If all goes well, the camera should function properly. It may still be necessary to reset your phone if it isn’t working.

Rapid Battery Drain

iPhones are commonly plagued by fast battery drain. Perhaps, the issue is caused by a battery malfunction or software error. A software issue may be the cause of the problem. The iOS update is available. Furthermore, make sure all of your unwanted apps are turned off. Battery replacement is necessary if the problem involves the battery.

Water Damage

Almost all electronic gadgets are affected by water, and iPhones are no exception. When your phone dips into a puddle or pond, the screen turns black and you can’t use it. If so, wipe the phone clean with a clean cloth and remove all visible water. Place your phone inside a bag of rice and let it sit for 24 hours and then remove it.

After you’ve soaked your iPhone in water, try turning it on again after a short period. As long as the phone works, everything is fine. You may then need to visit a trusted iPhone repair center if your iPhone is still unusable.

Some solutions to common iPhone problems are described here. You should be able to resolve this issue with the fixes described here.

In any case, if the repair doesn’t work, you might need to visit a reliable iPhone repair shop. Visit an iPhone wholesale parts center in the USA if you wish to do that. By doing so, genuine spare parts can be purchased, and repair costs can be justified.


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