A Compact Desktop Computer In A Tablet – HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 


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A Compact Desktop Computer In A Tablet – HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 

Huawei’s MatePad Pro has been an enormous success thanks to its capacity to work as a solid workstation lighter than traditional laptops. So, you can take it almost anywhere and take it with you whenever you require it. 

For those seeking something less expensive without sacrificing performance, there’s The Huawei MatePad 10.4, which is a little smaller in size but not less in powerful features.

All About HUAWEI MatePad 10.4

Huawei recently launched its latest tablet in the mid-range called the Huawei MatePad 10.4, which looks premium due to the Midnight Grey matte yet reflective surface.

With four speakers–two on its shorter sides, you’ll also discover buttons for power, volume control, and a USB-C connection on its slim 7.5mm sides.

It’s a tablet matepad 10.4 with a 3.5mm connector. Huawei also provides an adapter if you ever require to connect wired headphones on the pad.

Much More Than Its Elegant Looks

The Huawei MatePad 10.4 is light and thin at 455g. It’s comfortable to wear on your wrist or shoulder while carrying it around in your hand or fitting it into its B5-sized notebook in a bag.

The 6.5mm black bezels surrounding the 10.4 display make it easy to hold and not accidentally trigger any commands. It is also where the front camera lens is above the screen when the screen is in the landscape.

Horizontal orientation is how the tab is most effective to give you the complete movie or laptop experience.

Multitasking is a great feature with the tab. The multi-screen windows enabled me to stream Netflix while checking my email simultaneously. In addition, the four stereo speakers that projected the audio of my show were clear and loud.

It’s a budget tablet, so the display isn’t a fancy AMOLED display but an LCD. However, you won’t be able to tell the difference between AMOLED or LCD because of Huawei’s pre-installed wallpapers, which appear lively when you lock the device.

The LCD result is evident when you watch the videos you can find streaming on YouTube and Netflix.

The resolution is sufficient with a good brightness apparent even when using it outside during the day, but with some reflections.

Huawei offers Eye Comfort and eBook modes within MatePad 10.4. The first one is an opacity filter that helps lessen eye fatigue, while the latter mode makes the entire screen mimic the appearance of a newspaper.

When this feature is switched on, the display’s texture is more grainy, and colors are transformed into grayscale. It is designed to read eBooks or articles.

Turn Into A Compact Desktop With Keyboard

With a more organized desktop, you’ll be able to experience greater convenience with the touchscreen or mouse using the HUAWEI MatePad. Check out the frequently used apps at the bottom of the Dock, and then hover your mouse over the icons of apps to show every app’s window without opening the app. Start typing with the latest keyboard technology and find your comfort.

Creative Capabilities With M-Pencil

The Huawei M-Pencil has a hexagonal pencil-like shape that is comfortable for your hand. In the beginning, we did find it relatively thin, but it was easy to adjust to after just a few minutes.

Double-tap your HUAWEI M-Pencil, or using your pen to draw diagonally across the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will be able to note any area in the display and then save the image by saving it as images. 

Huawei claims that the M-Pencil is extremely sensitive to tilt, which we can agree with. It produced precise strokes when tilting the pen, making it easy to shade or design diverse lines with different sizes.

Final Thoughts

The MatePad 10.4 is ideal for work in the field. It is portable enough to have a great “clicky” feeling with the Magnetic Keyboard.

Rapid as well as responsive. The huge screen is perfect for drawing, reading, and multitasking. M-Pencil is an excellent accessory that lets you unlock the full possibilities of MatePad. 

Its Eye Comfort and eBook modes are also highly recommended, especially for people who are sensitive to blue light and prone to eye strains. Long-term sessions on the device don’t pose a problem due to the eye-care technology, making it ideal for work or working at your home.

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