Complete Guide on Launching a Taxi Booking App With Features & Cost-estimation


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Technology plays a major role in all the contexts of our life. Its strong influence has made us rely on them for our everyday chores. For instance, traveling to different places has never been easier before. But the advent of mobile technology enabled us to book our rides easily without any hassles. It has also put an end to the traditional concept of booking rides through phone calls. 

The smartphone era literally eased all our lives as we are free to access any kind of service instantly. The Statista report states that in 2021, the taxi-hailing app market will expand by 50 percent. The global value of the taxi app business is projected to increase to $117 billion. This is huge, right? Why not become a part of this community? Keep reading further to get amazing ideas to launch your taxi booking app. 

Why should entrepreneurs consider launching their on-demand taxi booking app?

Taxi app businesses have come a long way in recent years. It all started from a small agency set up, and now it is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Uber, the pioneer in the taxi industry, was the first to introduce an online taxi booking option. 

Since then, the on-demand app market began to emerge on a larger scale giving vivid opportunities for entrepreneurs. It led to the arrival of several on-demand apps in the market and is often regarded as the “game-changer.” Currently, the global taxi market is gearing up at high speed. According to statistics, the user penetration will reach up to 20.9 percent by 2025. The same report also states that nearly 48 percent of the revenue will arise from online sales. 

Digitization and innovations are the two pillars that are playing a major role in growing the industry tremendously. Every day, we wake up to news and articles related to technology and digitization. In this era of technology, launching an online taxi booking app will be a sure hit. Cherish your ideas to make them hit the market. 

Essential features to incorporate into your Uber-like app development 

Implementing your app with sound technical features will help the app function efficiently. Have a look at the important features you have to include in your Uber like app. 

Easy registration 

When users download your app, they have to find it easy to register themself with the app. Hence, focus on designing a simple process where they can easily join with their email address and contact number.

Pick-up and drop-off locations 

While booking a ride, pick-up and drop-off locations are the two important things. So, allow the users to enter their current location and drop-off destination. This will also help the drivers to accept the ride accordingly. 

Real-time tracking 

After scheduling a ride, the users can track their ride swiftly through the app. You have to provide in-built GPS support for the users to track the rides in real-time. 

At the same time, you can integrate your app with Google API to help the drivers find the routes with map assistance. 

Diverse payment modes 

At the end of the trip, the users should be able to pay their ride fares conveniently. Consider integrating your app with more than one payment option to enhance the user experience. You can also add more options like debit or credit card payment, net banking, or mobile wallets. 


This is one of those features that will help you keep your users engaged with your app. The ride details and important messages can be shared with the users through this feature. 

Review and ratings  

Allow your users to share their experiences with you. This will help you identify what the users exactly require from you. They can rate their experience with the app and driver through this. Customers can also give their feedback which will boost you to improve your services. 

Fare estimation 

The app should be developed with a special algorithm that can calculate the fares by considering various scenarios like traffic congestion, weather conditions, and other uncertainties.  

What is the budget to develop an Uber clone app?

The app development cost is determined by several factors. These factors play a vital role in impacting the cost aspects of developing an app. And, most importantly, in app development, you will pay for what you need. The costs are split into categories in the line of the impacting factors. Let us have a look at the factors impacting the cost factors,

  • Deciding between the Android or iOS platforms will also impact the overall app development price.
  • Implementing advanced features 
  • UX/UI design 
  • Standard of the customization opted for
  • Total hours spent in developing the app
  • Location or country of the app development company
  • Front-end and back-end development 

Instead of going with the development from scratch, it is the best idea to choose a ready-made app solution like the Uber clone app

Wrapping up,

By now, you would have understood the important features and costs involved in developing an app. But now, you might wonder where to start? Go for complete market research that can help you find facts and trends prevailing in the market. This can take you towards developing strong strategies to compete in the market. Lastly, remember your app development firm will play a major role in developing the app. So, find the best app developers’ team to develop your Uber clone app. 


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