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As the world of technology and the World Wide Web has evolved over the past few years, cybersecurity has become a prerequisite for anyone using the internet. When it comes to internet usage, everyone these days uses the internet from small kids to elderly people. However, not everyone has awareness regarding cybersecurity, which puts every aware person at risk too. 

While cybersecurity is important even for children as they can be easy victims of identity theft, the people who own digital wallets and do online transactions can also be vulnerable to data theft. This could be the case especially if they don’t keep their devices safe enough. 

Several ways and factors come under cyber security because cyber criminals are more efficient than ever and have several ways and techniques in which they can hack your devices and your credentials for digital wallets. Therefore, not only do you need to make your devices and accounts safe, but you also need to secure your network. In this article, we will discuss several tips and ways in which you can secure your digital wallets. 

Have Unique Passwords

Often when we are setting up passwords for our IDs and digital accounts, we tend to save ourselves the trouble, and naturally, just to save time and energy, we don’t give proper thought to the passwords and go for easy and predictable ones. When that is the case, we give the potential hacker the benefit to get his or her hands on the credentials. 

While it might not seem like a solid scheme to avoid hacking, this is one major factor that plays a big role in making your account safer than it would be with a simple password. In this case, make it a rule to always come up with super complicated passwords. 

Make Sure To Update Your Software Timely

We mostly keep delaying the latest software updates on our phones because we want to download them later when we are less occupied. It is solely your loss if you don’t regularly update your phone’s software because when developers release new updates, they fix all the issues and holes there might be which may be compromising your phone’s security. 

This way, the most up-to-date software on your phone, or an app is always the most secure version. If you want to make sure to always have the updated software, turn on automatic updates on your phone so that you don’t miss out on the leveled-up security. 

Download Digital Wallets from Only Official Trusted Websites

One mistake that many of us make is that we don’t double-check while downloading a digital wallet’s app or a bank’s app. Hackers usually come up with similar apps by copying the logo and the main description which makes the app look identical and people end up downloading the fake one. 

Then these people fall victim to stolen money and credit card information. To avoid getting victimized in this case, try asking someone trustworthy to share the app’s link with you, or you can thoroughly read the app description before downloading. 

There is another way of checking authenticity, which is a little complicated but if you manage to learn to read a programming language that any amateur beginner can, it can save you a lot of trouble. You can learn this on the web, and all you need for it is a good internet service. For good internet, we suggest you check out Grande internet packages at, and continue with your learning and making yourself aware.  

Secure Your In-Home WiFi Network 

As we discussed, many unaware people’s poorly handled devices can eventually affect your device. These devices can affect you if you are connected to the same network, which brings us to the point that network security is a prerequisite for keeping your digital wallets safe. 

Several secure internet connections provide proper network security and privacy and one internet that we find best in terms of network security is Grande internet. Grande communications provide network security and privacy that helps you keep your network private and secure from any kinds of viruses, and outside devices.

Do not make a Transaction When Connected to a Public WiFi

When we go out, we often want to connect to public WiFi networks to post our Instagram stories or if we have to make online transactions. Some of the worst things you can do to yourself are to connect your phone to a public WiFi network and make online transactions while being connected to it. 

When it comes to that, we do understand that sometimes connecting to the internet is important. In that case, there are several ISPs on that provide secure outdoor public hotspots that one can connect to without compromising their security. 

Have Different IDs and Passwords for Different Accounts 

Another mistake we often make is that we have the same IDs and passwords for all of our accounts and mostly even the accounts are linked. For example, if you have to log in to Spotify, the easy way would be to link it with one of the accounts for convenience. 

We don’t realize that while prioritizing that kind of convenience and ease, we put our accounts at risk, A hacker’s access to one account will give him access to all other accounts of yours if the accounts are linked or if you have the same credentials for everything. So, always have different IDs and passwords for different accounts. 

Don’t Keep All Your Eggs in the Same Basket 

When they say don’t keep all your eggs in the same basket, they are right. When you have digital currency for investment and saving purposes and you only have one wallet or bank, you are making a mistake. 

While this statement is great, when it comes to an investment point of view, it is also great in terms of cyber security. Because, if you have everything in one wallet and you lose it, you will end up losing everything. So, always keep multiple wallets. 

Make Sure Your Keys Are Different Than One Another 

Similar to your email and social media accounts, if you have multiple wallets and have the same key for all of them, you are still making a mistake. If one of your keys is hacked, the hacker will naturally try to access the other wallets using the same key. So, always have different keys for different wallets. 

Be Vigilant of Phishing Emails or Messages 

People with digital wallets are most vulnerable to phishing scams and attacks because they own money that the hacker has his eyes on. Well, there are many kinds of phishing attacks but the most common one, when you have digital wallets, is that you receive calls from hackers posing as someone from your bank. 

They send you your details to make you believe that they are from your bank and then try to get the login credentials out of you. There are multiple other ways for phishing scams, and the best way to prevent them is to stay vigilant. 

Final Thoughts

Cybercrimes have always been on the rise but they are mostly on the rise now because many people have their cryptocurrency and savings in their digital wallets. While digitalization makes things convenient, it also puts you at risk for multiple kinds of cyberattacks, which is why it is important to always stay aware. Well, we hope this information was helpful for you, and that you will consider making your digital wallets safer than before.