Depth Guide Regarding The Heimvision CCTV Security Camera 


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A security camera is needed in every house as well as the office. Because the risk of robbery increases day by day. Then people do not travel anywhere freely. Because of the robbery risk is around in the mind. To avoid such problems then the most suitable & reliable solution is a CCTV security camera because it provides complete protection for your home as well as the assets of your home. But some cameras do not work all the time. In the rainy season, it is damaged and does not do surveillance. Then the best & most working camera is the Heimvision CCTV security camera. This camera is totally wire-free and provides full security. Although, this camera works in all weather if the season is rainy & sunny. It delivers the recording videos with 1080P FHD resolution. 

Moreover, the heimvision wireless security camera fully works with a WiFi network and then simply connects to the Mobile Phone. Then you simply connect this camera to the mobile phone and surely watch the live view. Usually, the setup of this wireless security camera is not tough, easily performing the setup within a few minutes. Then you seamlessly travel anywhere in your free mind.

Features of the Heimvision CCTV Security Camera 

You easily install the Heimvision CCTV camera outside in the home and provide the full protection of your family member. It thoroughly works with low temperature as well as high temperature.  This security camera has several features, which are exhibited below. 

Fully wire-free

The Heimvision security camera is totally wire-free and does not have tension about the cable. Because sometimes the cable is damaged then the camera is not working. Then it does not surveillance and increases the robbery risk. On the other hand, the Heimvision security camera comes along without wire. With the wire cable, you are fully tense about how to place this security camera. Because the cable gas requires the power socket then you do not place this security camera anywhere. You must place the security camera near the power socket. But the Heimvision wireless security camera freely places it anywhere because no wire is required.  Then, the use of this wireless security camera is surely simple & effortless. You simply install the security camera without using the cable. 

Full clarity with 1080P HD resolution

The Heimviaion CCTV security camera works with 1080P HD resolution. This is the main benefit of this security camera. Because of these features, it thoroughly provides the full HD video. Then you simply identify the home assets without any interruption. The 1080P HD resolution delivers HD quality videos & photos. Then you don’t worry about the pixel photos and blurry videos. Inside the security camera has an HD lens that allows recording HD videos in a proper manner. It also allows recording the HD videos in any weather, if the temperature is low or high. 

Completely Waterproof 

Some CCTV security cameras only work with the dry weather, if the rainy season comes then it is not working. Then this type of security camera is only used inside the home, not outside. But the Heimvision security camera is more capable, it completely uses on the outside as well as inside. Because this security camera is fully waterproof that easily absorbs the water and functions well. The Heimvision CCTV security camera IP66 is waterproof that seamlessly works whether the rain is coming or not. 

Two-way audio and secure motion detection

The Heimvision security camera has two-way audio that surely records the voice in an accurate way. Then, you simply hear the voice along with watching the videos. Some other cameras do not have an audio facility then you only watch the videos. Sometimes my friends tell me that if the Heimvision camera not connecting to the mic then you ensure the mic option is not disabled and the mic is in working condition. 

Troubleshooting tips of Heimvision CCTV Security Camera 

The Heimvision security camera absolutely performs better and securely. If suddenly, it does not function then you should verify the issue. Many issues come with this security camera like: 

Not connect to the mobile phone

If the Heimvision wireless security camera does not connect to the mobile phone then you should verify, you use the correct App. if you use an incorrect app then the camera is not connected to the mobile phone. To fix the problem, you install the YCC365 Plus App in the Apple App Store. And then again try to connect the security camera to the mobile phone. 

Heimvision CCTV security camera Microphone does not work

If the Microphone does not work with the Heimvision security camera then you should check the position. If the microphone setting is disabled then it is not working accurately. You should verify the dust particles do not spoil in the mic. If the dust particles are there then you should clean them. 

Does not record the video 

If the Heimvisin security camera does not record the videos then you check the connection. Maybe the connection is faulty then you should ensure the connection. Take the dry cloth and properly clean the front panel surface of this security camera. 


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