Desk Booking Software vs. Office Hoteling: Breaking Down the Similarities and Differences


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Now more than ever, it is important to book your desk space or the office you will use to conduct business. While these terms are used interchangeably, it is important to define and know the differences.

Software programs that feature desk booking and office hoteling are different. Therefore, to see how they interrelate, it helps to know how they are alike and how they are different. The following information will clear up any confusion between these two different applications.

To understand the differences between desk booking software and office hoteling apps, it helps to define each system. Office hoteling platforms allow an employee to reserve a workspace whenever he or she wants while desk booking is less flexible.

Booking a Desk: How It Differs from Office Hoteling

Desk booking systems allocate a certain desk each day in accordance with other employee preferences and convenience. Both software programs provide helpful ways to add flexibility to a hybrid working environment.

Unlike office hoteling, booking a desk space does not provide total transparency. For instance, if an employee books a desk, he or she might end up at a seat that really isn’t where they meant to sit. For example, if you need to produce a report but need absolute quiet, you won’t enjoy that type of latitude with a desk booking platform. In fact, you might book a seat next to a sales rep who is busy making phone calls – not exactly the ideal working situation.

Office Hoteling Offers More Advanced Features

While you can indeed book a desk or working space with a desk booking program, office hoteling offers more advanced features. That’s because office hoteling programs show the locations of specific workspaces. They also indicate the time period for each booking, the type of technology used, the arrangement of the seating, and provide mapping for finding the space.

This type of support also extends to allocating spaces to several employees in a team – individuals who want to book a space for brainstorming and/or collaboration. If you’re involved in project work, it’s better to reserve a workspace through an office hoteling program.

Checking In Remotely

A premium office hoteling program features remote check-in. This feature eliminates the time procured to check in manually to locate a desk. Remote check-in gives a worker the ability to directly enter a workspace without delay. This feature works out well when you need to meet with other employees and don’t have time to locate your seat.

More Transparency and Details

As noted, an office hoteling system will also provide details about a vacant desk and space. It shows the location of the workspace, your software and hardware options, and, in some cases, the lighting arrangement.

Knowing these facts will give you a better idea about finding the best space for the job at hand. If you’re following a strict deadline, the last thing you want to do is find a space that is sitting amidst a buzz of activity.

Added Operational Insights

Managers use office hoteling software to get an idea of how spaces are being used and who is using those spaces. This type of software program allows them to make the best use of space at their site so they can increase employee participation and workplace activities.

Final Thoughts about Booking Applications

You can use a desk booking system or office hoteling software with good results. Both have their advantages. However, if you want to add more flexibility while booking, it is better to focus on the benefits of an office hoteling system to motivate and influence your workforce.

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