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The Digital fashion industry is one of the most successful industries. Although there is high competition in this industry, entering and succeeding in it is quite simple. The key is innovation and creativeness along with following the trends. The fashion industry is a vast industry that includes all sorts of products such as clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, footwear, accessories, hair products, etc.

It is an elevating industry.

The fashion industry emerged from the start of time with minimal materials and simple garments and evolved. from the use of leaves to make clothes to plain fabrics and armors, creating clothes of emperors and kings was an art back in the day, to now with creating the utmost elegant and outstanding clothes. The trend of being fashionable is increasing over time and has no age limits whatsoever.

Trends in the fashion industry change overnight and are highly influenced by celebrities and their wardrobes. No one trend is being followed in the market at the moment, rather anything and everything that is unique and attractive sells itself. Social media plays a vital role in the fashion industry, its success, and elevation.Digital Fashion industry.

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Digital Fashion industry

Impact of the fashion industry on the customers through social media

Social media such asFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps play a great role in connecting the fashion industry to its customers. these platforms are ideal for brands to advertise their products and engage with the audience. Manu brands of the fashion industry choose to run several of their campaigns on these sites by engaging social media influencers and celebrities, they also carry out giveaways to engage the audience further.

Social media users get their information regarding the brand and product from the social media and its influencers, They watch their favorite influencers wearing the product and are intimidated by it which attracts them towards buying the product. Many fashion brands have designed campaigns that engage the audience in the past where the concept is that customers buy the product and review it on their social media accounts which increases client testimonial of the brand and helps promote the brand.

Digital media is the core reason for all the trends related to fashion. Social media helps connect people from around the world under one umbrella of digital fashion. Social media influences customers to look better and more fashionable, it creates competition between customers that are on the verge to become the most fashionable person there is. Celebrities and influencers on the internet influence customers to dig deeper into the fashion industry.

Impact of social media on the fashion industry

Just like the fashion industry impacts customers through social media, customers also impact the fashion industry through social media. The internet is a wide platform that houses people from around the world. The relation of the fashion industry and customers through social media is a concept of demand and supply.

The local people and celebrities are the ones that create trends rather than the brands in the fashion industry, brands follow the trends that are made by the customers. customers are innovative as well who often mix various fashion elements into one and create a look that explodes the internet. These trends and innovative looks put pressure on the brands of the fashion industry to create a product that follows these trends accounting for the heavy competition. Here we can say that customers are the main reason for the success of the fashion industry. The fashion industry has many domains, therefore, has many trends that are circulating at once, social media helps connects all these trends and the industry with its customers.Digital Fashion industry.

Fashion and E buying

E buying is a concept of online buying which is widely known among shopaholics now. This concept had a huge boost during the times of covid-19 when every industry went online. E-buying offers the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your home. Some of the best e-stores include amazon,BestBuy, eBay.

The fashion industry is a successful industry online as well. as it is a vast industry with vast chains of brands and products, sites like Amazon are the best solution for them. these sites help align brands from around the world at one place that grants customers the option to buy from various brands through one site.

Many customers have mixed opinions about e buying and most of these are elder customers that are new to the concept or had to switch recently due to covid-19 imposed lockdown. However, these sites are highly reliable and help give the fashion industry a boost through their platform. Just like social media sites these sites play a vital role in the success of the fashion industry as well.

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