DIY Car Cleaning Hacks


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Has it ever made your blood boil how extravagantly mechanics charge you for the simplest of maintenance? Among all the far more important things we can invest are time and money, including the Valvoline oil change cost we’d happily get charged for, other costs seem absurd. And then to deal with the tantrums of these boastful mechanics is a whole another test of our patience.

 What if we tell you, not only can you maintain and clean your car yourself but also save money, big time! 

Here are a few DIY hacks to maintain your automobile without costing a fortune. As for the oil change, one needs to choose wisely! The Valvoline oil change not only helps get rid of all the sludge but also boosts your engine mechanism. Let Valvoline take care of your engine cleanliness. Rest you can do yourself following these hacks:

Washing Soda Is Your Best Friend

The wonders of this chemical bond are truly magical! Sodium Carbonate-Washing soda, that comes under different brand names can help not only get rid of stubborn smuts but also get your fabric seats cleaned.

All you need is a towel cloth and a spray bottle with some washing soda + water in it. Just scrub away then! 

The sticky sludge around the windshields can also be swiped off with a little spray and scrubbing. While you’re at it, might as well clean the grime off your side mirrors!

Toothpaste Whitens Not Only Teeth but Mirrors & Headlights

Who’d have thought you can brush your headlights? Well, yes you can! To steer clear of all the gunk passing cars spatter on your headlights, all it’ll take is a quick rub off with your regular toothpaste.

You can also clean your mirrors for an extra shine with the toothpaste and then wipe it away with old newspapers. However, make sure the newspapers are dry as the wet ones might leave smudge on your mirrors!

Nail Paint for Scratches

When your car is all clean, dent-free, even a minor scratch become visible. A quick fix to this is a same color tone nail paint to easily conceal the scratch.

If you’re a girl, you already know how to carefully apply nail colors, a scratch is a doddle!

Olive Oil Is Your Car Wax for Shine

Although car waxes are readily available for affordable prices, but if you don’t have one available right in time, some extra virgin olive oil can restore the shine on your dashboard and drink carries.

Spray some on a cotton bud and clean it with fiber cloth and your dashboard will look shiny, dirt free, it’s that simple! 

Plunge the Dent Away

A dent is the worst thing that can happen to your car’s exterior. The denter may not only charge you extra but an amateur might cause more damage. 

A bathroom plunger can save your day, if it’s a small dent! Place the plunger in an adequate direction and exert little pressure for suction and BAM you have saved yourself a denter visit!

Dents can also be dealt with hot water, if taken care of, right in time. Just pour hot boiling water and pop the dent back in from behind the bumper. 

Rust Removal with Soft Drinks

If your automobile is a classic model or a second hand car, you may have a few rust patches. What comes in handy for rust removals are soft drinks. Yes, we know this may sound gross but that’s the sad truth! 

Coca-Cola for one, is highly acidic which enhances its ability to help get rid of the stubborn rust on rims. 

Now that the interior and exterior are well taken care of, let us bless you with a technical hack!

Coins to Check Tire Treads

Speaking of rims, did you know you can check your tire treads with a coin? 

Not all roads bless your car with a smooth ride. The bumpy, rough ride may result in a tire burst. Before that happens, you can stay cautious and speculate your treads by placing the coin headfirst into the tread.

If the head becomes invisible, your tire is wearing out and needs a replacement, and if the head is slightly visible you can still drive uphill before needing a replacement. 

We hope you no longer have the need to make frequent mechanic appointments. With these DIY hacks you can keep your car well maintained. With all the money you save up, we recommend you to get a water pressure machine. 

Not only will you be able to wash your car yourself , saving up all the car wash costings but can also easily make budget for the instant Valvoline oil change cost. 

Valvoline offers a stay-in-car oil change instant service, which takes no longer than 15 minutes and when you have most of the maintenance taken care of by yourself, let the oil change and other engine services be taken care of by Valvoline.

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