Doctor Strange – The Book Versus the Movie


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The Movie Doctor Strange is a very entertaining film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange, an acclaimed surgeon with extraordinary abilities. In this film, he is called by New York City to consult with an alternate dimension called the Dark Dimension. The Dark Dimension is populated by creatures that are half-human and half-beings from another world. They are a race of five-toed beings who have strange powers. Doctor Strange uses his powerful mind to control their minds and use their powers for his own benefit and against those who are dangerous and out to get him.

The movie takes us back in time to before we were born. We meet our main protagonist, Dr. Stephen Strange, at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is studying magic, when suddenly a mysterious stranger makes eye contact with him. Suddenly, Strange is possessed of the mystic energies of the Ancient Chinese. He accidentally causes a violent reaction which leaves his house burning.

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When his friend and colleague Dr. Curt Connor accidentally transport Strange into the Dark Dimension, they quickly realize they are in the middle of an experiment that has dire consequences. The Ancient Chinese named the Dark Matter, or Gaian energy. It was discovered that when this energy was exposed to light, it could cause a person to go insane or die. One by one, the other beings were transformed. But luckily, Dr. Strange was saved from any immediate harm.

The movie follows Strange’s struggle to regain his sanity while battling these strange beings. There are many references to real world books and articles from the time period. The references range from items found at Disneyland, movies, and books. The novelization of the movie takes some great liberties with historical accounts. While the characters and the story may differ from the source material, there is a common theme that all stories share: The pursuit of truth.

Dr. John quarters is the basis for many of the spells and objects used by Strange. In the novelization, quarters are described as an incredibly small metal sphere. It is given a very peculiar property. It is able to withstand bullets, heat, electricity, and even the super-fast combustion of nuclear weapons. Strange describes it as “a small needleless acupuncture gun” and goes on to say that only two people know of its existence.

Dr. Elton Gordon is the first of the main characters we meet in the film. His efforts to save the Earth from an impending explosion is highlighted in the book. His relationship with Strange is portrayed with great detail and his reasoning for taking the novice on board is fascinating. When asked what he would do if he had a magic wand, he says, “I would save the human race.”

Dr. John Banner is the laboratory scientist played by Richard Dean Anderson. His efforts to save the Earth from an impending explosion is the main storyline of the novel. This character was also a primary participant in Dr. Strange’s mind melding with Baron Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

Dr. John Banner was played by Richard Dean Anderson in the movie version of Dr. Strangelove as well as in the novel itself. There are many other minor characters from the Dr. Strangelove film adaptation that appear in the book as well. In addition, this movie has one of the best opening sequences of all time. The end of the Cold War marked the beginning of a period of peace that lasted throughout the remainder of the decade. This would eventually be followed by the attack on the United States of America by the Soviet Union. The movie Doctor Strange is a great example of how a successful novel can tie into a successful m