Entrepreneur Marks The Features Of New Generation Script Of Gojek Clone 2021


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Gojek Clone App has carved a niche for itself in the on-demand service industry by curating new and solution-oriented features every month. Entrepreneurs across continents find it a blessing! This app has already won millions of customers’ hearts for offering 70 plus diverse services online through one single login. 

I hereby provide you with a detailed list of features that have left Entrepreneurs like you awestruck!

  • Order in your New York Style thin-crust Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza with Truffle Honey with absolute no-hassle

These endless customizations are now possible with this new feature of Powerful Gojek like App. The App Owner has allowed Restaurants to offer multiple options to customers to choose from to make their dining experience truly memorable! These customisations help the Restaurant to earn a little more based on the choice of the Pizza Toppings. For example, while customizing toppings for Deep-Dish Pizza, the customer will get to choose from classic ingredients such as ground beef, sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, and green peppers. While onion topping will cost you $2 extra, pepperoni will come at $5.76. Similarly, thin crust Pizza base will be cheaper than Cheese Bursts’ base.

  • Protecting Riders’ from getting scammed by the Taxi Drivers in the name of unwarranted Waiting Charges

Taxi Drivers had repeatedly created a nuisance in the past by clicking on the “Arrived” icon on the app when they were still clearly miles away from the Pick-Up location. And this gave them the leverage to charge extra money in the name of “Waiting Period” cost. The App designers got to the root of it and designed this feature wherein the App Owner decides the range beyond which Taxi Drivers won’t be able to click on that icon. It is only when the Taxi Driver is hardly 50 meters away from the Pick-Up location, that the Driver can press the “Arrived” icon.

  • Re-assigning orders to new Drivers – Manually or through Automated system

Many instances have been reported wherein the Restaurant is ready with the Food Package to be picked up by the Delivery Partner but there is a long waiting period. The next organic question that pops up in the App Owner’s head is why so? It is because of two primary reasons – either the Delivery Driver who had once accepted the order has now rejected it because of heavy traffic or no Delivery Driver is available in the nearby area to make the Pick-Up. In such desperate times, the App Owner then takes the charge and manually assigns the order to a different Delivery Driver. The entrepreneur can also curate an automated system that detects on its own the closest available Delivery Executive for re-assignment of order. This feature ensures that the food gets delivered on time without going cold or soggy because of the longer pick-up period.  

  • One store can register under more than one category to render services online

The App Owner can grant permission to the Store Owner to get it registered under several categories. A vendor selling fresh vegetables and fruits can also deliver freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies to its customers through the app. All that the vendor has to do is register under two categories – Vegetable shop and Juice/Smoothie Parlour. The App Owner encourages service providers to render more than one professional service because of its own vested interests. Every single time an order is placed through the app, the App Owner earns commission which is a certain amount of the total bill value.

  • Free Mobile Number Verification of up to 10,000 new customers per month

The App Owner uses the Firebase technology to verify mobile numbers of new users. It is an essential integral process of authenticating the customer. It is considered to be a better alternative to the much more expensive third-party messaging software Twilit.


Gojek Clone App wants its Service Providers to flourish and hence would promote each and every one of them in its unique way. The App Owner may decide to offer Free Delivery Promo Codes to lure customers to buy products from a certain store to increase its sales. It is a one-stop solution app to all of your customer’ whims and desires.  

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