Everything you need to know about custom cloisonné pins


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Over the past couple of years it has been seen that custom cloisonné pins have gained a popularity. They are actually formed to a copper bronze surface and then they are eventually filled with a glasslike mixture. This ensures that they are filed in a kiln to the effect that colors don’t bleed in any way whatsoever. A lot more color is added and then the pins get fired for a second time. All of this steps included in making custom cloisonné pins are just done to ensure that the colors of the custom cloisonné pins don’t bleed in any way. Later, the custom cloisonné pins are polished by hand to ensure that they have a jewelry-like finish to them. Over the past couple of years, custom cloisonné pins have gotten increasingly popular and this is mainly because of their very hard and durable finish. The colors of custom cloisonné pins are separated by fine gold and silver lines to bring out very bold designs and colors. This is one of the main reasons why custom cloisonné pins are considered to be so excellent for promotional events and for recognition purposes. 

What are the key benefits of custom cloisonné pins?

There are actually a lot of benefits that can be availed by using custom cloisonné pins. One of the most prominent benefits of custom cloisonné pins is that they have a jewelry-like finish which is perhaps one of the main reasons for their immensely high perceived value. The custom cloisonné pins are available in the market in bright vivid colors and buyers have the option of choosing from a wide range of custom shapes. One thing all potential buyers of custom cloisonné pins need to note that rush orders with custom cloisonné pins don’t work because the entire cloisonné actually takes a very long time. There are plenty of custom cloisonné pins metal plating color choices right from black nickel to polished copper to high polished gold metal and also high polished silver metal. Several benefits can be availed on multiple fronts by using custom cloisonné pins which explains the wide demand for custom cloisonné pins in a wide range of settings and situations. 

How are custom cloisonné pins actually manufactured?

The manufacturing process of custom cloisonné pins is actually very complex. The custom cloisonné pins are actually die-struck from a copper bronze surface. The die is later create to imprint the design into the metal. What happens later is that the outline of the custom cloisonné pins and all the other cut-outs are further cut with another mold. The colors are later filled by hand with something resembling a glass-like mixture. After this, colors are fired into the custom cloisonné pins for around 2-4 minutes. It is usually a two step process and this insures the colors don’t bleed at any point. After this, the custom cloisonné pins are polished by hand and they can either be either silver plated or they can be gold plated. Finally, all the custom cloisonné pins are inspected comprehensively to ensure only the highest-quality custom cloisonné pins are packaged individually and then sent further for final inspection.

What are the striking features of custom cloisonné pins?

One of the most striking features of custom cloisonné pins is their jewelry-like finish. The custom cloisonné pins happen to have a very high perceived value which makes them so desired by other people. One of their top benefits is that they can easily be made into a wide range of shapes as well sizes. The custom cloisonné pins have much brighter and luster filled colors. All custom cloisonné pins tend to have an extremely smooth finish which is one of their main highlights. This makes them an excellent choice for designs that have colors that are clearly very separated. The custom cloisonné pins have cut out shapes that easily suit a wide range of designs. This is also very sharp contrast between the different colors that are used in custom cloisonné pins. Further, any logo and text that you use in the design of custom cloisonné pins will stand out quite easily.

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