Everything You Need to Know about Vegan Tanned Leather


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Do you love shopping for leather items? Well, everyone does. But have you ever paid heed to the tanning process your favorite leather brand is implementing? No? We do not blame you; most people skip on this concept while shopping, and brands know it very well. Therefore, 92% of the industry uses the cheapest and the toxic method of leather tanning – CHROME TANNING, which is usually less sustainable. Only 8% of the leather industry is using the natural tanning process – VEGAN TANNING. 

Unlike in Chrome tanning, where the tanning agent is chemicals and salts, Vegan tanning involves natural tannins like tree bark. Vegan tanned leather comes in rich and deep colours and develops a patina over time. Whether you are fond of leather belts or tan leather bags, going for vegan tanned options can be your best bet. 

History of Vegan Tanning

The process of Vegan tanning dates back to almost 5,000 years ago. This is the oldest tanning method, which was even used in ancient Egypt. The evidence was found from the ornaments left on the stone coffins. Not only Egypt, but each country has been implementing vegan tanning processes using locally available material, like chestnut in Europe and oak in the UK. 

The Process

The process for creating Vegan tanned leather begins as soon as the animal is slaughtered. The new hide of the animal is then salted for perseverance and then hung in a beam-house, the storage facility of the new hides.

Then the hides are submerged in a liming pit, full of lime, a natural and strong chemical to burn the hair from the hide, through a process called dissolution.

After dissolution, the hides are prickled and placed in another drum of tannin – the extract of the tree bark for soaking and tanning. And then, the hide is pressed, sorted and dyed to the desired appearance and quality. The soaking process also dehydrates the leather and gives it a smooth texture.

Vegan Tanning is a long process and takes up to 40-60 days to complete, and doesn’t involve a lot of machine work but highly skilled craftsmen. The entire process demands patience, hard work, skill and care,that is why vegan leather bags expensive than chrome ones.  

Benefits of Choosing Vegan Tanned Leather 

Now that you know what vegan tanned leather is and how it is made, let’s understand its benefits. 


Since the process involves care and skills at each step, vegan tanned leather results in unmatched durability. Rather it develops a natural patina over prolonged use. Due to weeks of treatment and techniques, the life of tanned leather extends manifold. Moreover, the products made from vegan tanned leather are breathable, hence, shoes made up of it are more comfortable to wear. 


Since vegan tan leather is produced from bark extracts, fruits, leaves and roots, the tannin is usually aromatic. The products made up of vegetable tan leather consist of a natural and earthy aroma, which is always gentle to the nose, unlike the chrome one, which smells like chemicals. 


Another reason why vegetable tanned leathers are so popular, because of their moldable characteristic. In ancient times, this leather was used to create armor and shields, jugs and pots. However, in the recent arena, it is used to craft round doors, beautiful tabletops, walls hangings, tablet & phone covering and what not. No other type of leather can be used to craft these things.

Great for Burnishing Effect 

Vegetable-tanned leather products are perfect for burnishing. The blend of vegetable extracts with waxes and oils in the tanning process delivers a dark and very rich burnish effect. 

Breathable Products 

Products made up of vegan tanned leather are quite breathable and hence comfortable to wear. So, if you are fond of leather shoes, make sure to go for vegan tanned ones. 


Last but not the least, items made up of vegan tanned leather do not pose any harm to the environment when disposed of. Whereas, when we talk about chrome leather, the case is the opposite. 

Trust Only the Best

After reading the insights and excellent benefits, we assume you’ll make a smart choice by opting for vegan tan leather. However, it is equally essential to buy products like tan leather bags, wallets, and belts from trusted brands like Tiger Marrón. From durability to appearance to the product range, the brand excels in every prospect and has been winning the customers’ trust over years. So, when you think of buying a leather product, look no beyond. 


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