Eye Coloring Is Becoming A New Makeup Obsession 


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For doing great eye makeup, one does not only have to use professional makeup brushes, apply an eyeshadow base, or know a perfect eye makeup trick, picking the right hues for coloring the eyelids is also as important as other makeup products. Picking the best color from the palette among the nudes, vibrant, and shimmery eye colors will give a more dramatic look to the eyes and make the eyes pop. A few swipes of flamboyant colors with proper blending and merging techniques will add glitz to the overall makeup look and adds more attraction to the eyes. Pick the shades that complement the skin tone and eye color that make the eyes look super flattery. 

Owing to the hype of eye makeup trends among females, the makeup brands are producing a range of eyeshadow palettes in varying colors and textures to make up any desired makeup look. Be it glossy, smoky, dewy, or neon, the makeup brands are coming up with different types and colors of eyeshadow palettes to help women pull out any eye makeup look. When you are tired of doing eye makeup with proper creasing and smudging, swipe just a little bit of your desired color on the eyelids combined with the eyelash volumizing mascara that will enhance the overall beauty of the face and appeals to more eyes. 

Pick the color that matches the eye color

While creating an eye makeup look, women are very particular about the choice of the best color that compliments the colors of the eyes. For blue eye color, people mostly prefer going for orange peach or rich brown color shades that makes their blue eyes look more enhancing. For brown eyes, women love giving a shimmery look to their eyes or mostly wear solid color shades like green, bronze, or whatever color you name it. All of these colors give a dreamy look to the eyes and make the eyes look more striking and appealing. For grey-colored eyes, women love experimenting with different color shades such as reddish undertones, even earthy hues, and icy blue shades that will give a complementary look to their eyes and make the eyes look more attractive and eye-catching

Choose the eye colors that complement the skin tone

Females are not only particular about picking the eye colors that match well with their eye colors but also prefer picking the colors that complement their skin tones. Regardless of the skin tone either light, dark, tan, women prefer coloring their eyes with different color shades that make the eyes look more attractive and appealing. Sometimes smoky eyes look best with an ivory skin tone or sometimes a neon look goes best with a slightly lighter skin tone. Whatever eye color one wishes to give to their eyes, make sure to pick the colors that suit best according to the color of the skin. 

Let your makeup brand stand ahead

When the market is packed with a number of makeup brands producing a diverse range of eyeshade palettes in varying textures, colors, and finishes, it is extremely important to create a unique distinction in the market. This can be achieved by presenting the eyeshades in Custom Eye Shadow Boxes that will make the brand more visible to the shoppers and attract more eyes. The customized eyeshadow packaging will enhance the product appeal on the shelves and capture more eyes. The striking packaging appearance of the eyeshadows will add more attraction to the product and make the product stand apart from the rest of the makeup brand competitors in the market. 

Attract customers with printed eye shadow packaging


Understanding customer’s behavior towards the packaging of the eyeshadow palette, the makeup brands are going custom with the packaging of the eyeshadows to leave a striking impression on the audience. The custom-made eye shadow boxes can be designed in tempting themes, appealing colors, bespoke graphics, and attractive artworks that will maximize the visual appeal of the product and attract more eyes. The visually attractive outlook of the eyeshadow boxes will intrigue more female’s attention and convince them for making a purchase decision. Moreover, presenting the different eyeshade palettes in attractive packaging styles such as tuck-end style, window style, rigid style, and die-cut style will enhance the product visibility on the cosmetic shelves and make the product stand apart from the rest of the competitor’s brands.


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