Georgia Stimulus Check: Who is Eligible for the Bonus Check?


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After 3 rounds of stimulus checks in 2020 and 2021, the federal government announced that it will not send additional checks in the near future. To balance the financial damages of COVID-19, which many people still suffer from, state governments have launched local financial aid programs. In the state of Georgia, eligible taxpayers will receive a bonus stimulus check, and here is the outline of the program and who can get the money.

How much is the Georgia stimulus check?

Not every resident of the state of Georgia will receive the bonus check in 2022. The program is set in Augusta, Georgia, and the amount of the stimulus check is for the amount of up to $1,000.

Who will receive the Augusta bonus check?

As mentioned, not everyone in the city of Augusta, Georgia is eligible to receive the bonus check. The stimulus checks will be sent to front-line workers who put their lives on the line during the tumultuous days of the pandemic. City manager Susan Robertson stated that “I think our employees have – and some more so than others – been at the forefront of dealing with COVID and the impacts on our community… Those employees were all more exposed on a long-term basis, in particular during the first couple months of COVID, when City Center and other offices were shut down” she continued: I think they’d be the ones that should benefit the most from the recognition, and that’s why this is broken out the way it is.”

Division of the bonus checks

The amount of the stimulus checks in Augusta will be up to $1,000, which will be sent to front-line workers. Also, full-time city employees are set to receive a one-time check for the sum of $500.  Part-time city employees will get a check for $250.

Full-time employees who were not front-line workers and not clerical workers will receive a check for $500. Part-time employees in the same status will receive a bonus check for $250. If you fall into one of these categories – you should check your bonus check eligibility. It is not yet clear, but other employees in the city of Augusta, Georgia stand to receive additional funds. It is possible that there will be additional benefits for non-essential workers.

Local stimulus check programs

Georgia is not the only state that has launched local financial aid programs. California, Ohio, Hawaii, and other states have stated they will send an additional stimulus check to eligible taxpayers. To find out if there is such a program in your city or state – keep posted on local news. For additional information go to, and discover if you are owed money with the missing money checker available to you.

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