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Likewise, any other industry translation industry also has some issues that are faced by the translators, the clients or the general structural issues rooted deep into it. This article will be describing the major issue with translation and their possible solutions to diminish the impact of these issues on the industry. So, let’s begin the talk without beating around bushes.

1.Cultural difference: 

Core understanding of grammar structure of both source and targeted language is required to do a translation job also a translator not only interprets from one language to another but also adds cultural norms of the target language in his work because there and many sentences that can never be translated as they mean in the source text, and you must consider the meaning that the reader is going to get while reading it.

Solution: This problem can resolve by consulting a native speaker. Before you translate the source text, scour the internet to get familiarity with the slang and commonly used dialects and idioms. You can also get familiar with the local culture through TV shows, movies, books, and magazines.


The quality of the text is another important problem to address in translation. The poor quality can cause critically negative outcomes depending on the circumstances from small scale like the bad press to large scale like compliance issues leading to fines. 

Solution: Good project management can deal with this problem. Management process can involve the editing of translated text then proofreading it for more correction and at-last taking quality assurance measures with automated or computerized tools. Legal translation services in Dubai provided by the companies are well known when it comes to ensuring quality.

3.Phrasal verbs:

Translating English phrasal verbs is a tough job especially when translating to a language with a different grammar structure. These are verbs carry a whole different meaning when followed by a preposition and are difficult to point out at first. And to those translators who are native to the target language, it becomes hard to translate in English. 

Solution: To solve this problem, experts suggest separating phrasal verbs at first then learn their meaning and not translating the preposition separately. You can take advice from a native speaker about the context in which the verb is used.

4.Missing terms:

Missing terms creates a potential structural problem for the translator. As there are some terms that are totally missing in some languages this issue relates to the cultural norms of the area. Those terms do not exist because that activity is not allowed to perform, or an object is not permitted to use in their culture or religion.

Solution: Consult your client, they might help you get the meaning of that term, ask you to eliminate the term, or suggest any similar term to use in that context.


The translation is not an easy task to do it comes with many critical issues. Above is the list of some common but major problems along with their solutions while dealing with a translation. We hope these requisites will help you to solve the issues. 


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