God Ganesha Statuary Positioning Tips 


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A Ganesha sculpture is an outstanding feng shui device for drawing in and clearing away obstacles from a wide range as well as effectiveness. Despite The Fact That Lord Ganesha (likewise led to Ganesh or even Ganesa) is actually a Hindu lord, lots of feng shui experts choose to step outside the conventional Mandarin symbolic representations to use this well-known Buddhist god statue. There are specific feng shui regulations for a Ganesh sculpture positioning in properties that you’ll wish to follow.

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Positioning a Lord Ganesha Sculpture at home 

You can easily position a God Ganesha statue for your home in an advantageous sector or place in your residence to diffuse hurdles, supply security, as well as aid in your personal and religious growth. Ganesha worshippers develop an altar as well as existing offerings, such as a bowl of rice. 

Constantly prepared the sculpture, so it is encountering right into space and also never in the direction of the beyond your residence or encountering a door or even home window. 

Indeed, never use more than one Ganesha statue in a space. It is looked at as incredibly inauspicious to have much more than one Ganesha statue.

The statue must certainly never possess its own behind a room. This brings destitution to your home. 

Ganesha Idol at the Main Door 

Lord Ganesha’s responsibility as the doorkeeper for his mom’s chambers created this statue a cherished positioning for the primary door.

His existence offers security and wards off sick or poor good fortune seeking to get into the residence. 

Location statuary above the primary door to carry prosperity right into the residence. 

Specify this statue encountering the property for welcoming development right into your life. 

If you survive on a stalemate street, place this statuary in the foyer or even the main entryway area to deflect the inauspicious location of your house. The numbed road makes a poisonous substance arrowhead along with the chi electricity rushing at your house. 

Ganesha in the Office 

You can put a Lord Ganesha Statue in your house office to draw in fortunate power for your profession. Place the statue, so it isn’t dealing with the door leading out of your workplace or window. If you are actually dealing with problems and obstacles in your job and everyday life in general, this is actually an especially superb site for this sculpture. God Ganesha is actually felt to give good luck in both individuals as well as expert endeavours. Choose one of the advantageous paths for your statue to encounter. 

Placement of Lord Ganesha in the Residing Space 

Establish a Ganesha marble statue in this area of your residence, opting for one of the auspicious paths at the edge of the living room. Select a spot of honour, such as a cabinet shelf (a minimum eye degree or even much higher). You could make a decision that a table is actually an ideal place for your Ganesh statue. Don’t place the statue on a fireplace or close to a television. There need to be actually a feeling of reverence for the location you pick. Ensure to prepare the statue along an external wall surface of your space, as well as certainly not a wall that splits one area from another (inner wall). The statuary needs to deal with the room and also never towards a door or window. 

Dining Room Ganesha Marble Statue Placement 

The dining room is actually an area that generates abundance, and some feng shui professionals recommend putting deity statues around the property to increase that abundance. An antique in the north, northeast or even west corner of the dining room could be utilized to present your statue of Lord Ganesha. If this isn’t possible, select a well-mannered spot where he can easily supervise and honour the sustenance of your family members and visitors. 

Fortunate Directions for Ganesha Statue 

Relying on Vastu shastra suggestions, the typical Hindu architecture body of realignment, a Ganesha statue ought to certainly never be actually put in the south or southeast sectors. These positionings prevent Lord Ganesha from providing his good things. While some feng shui experts believe the statue can be positioned in any kind of industry that is troubled, for most efficient reasons, it is actually regularly better to comply with the legislations controlling any kind of cultural sign. In the case of Lord Ganesha, the following rules are actually for excellent placement: 

The ideal instructions are actually the west, north, or northeast. When possible, an area of the sculpture so it is turned toward the north where Shiva resides. 

The sculpture needs to regularly be put on an outdoors wall along with its back to the wall, never dealing with an outside wall surface. 

The northeast field is suitable for academic hurdles, know-how as well as to attract success. 

Where Not to Placed God Ganesha Statues 

There are actually many areas you should never position religion being statuary, including Lord Ganesha. When opting for a positioning site, consider that this is primarily religious sculpture, and it should be treated through this sense of regard. These consist of: 

Shower rooms: Prevent placing this sculpture in the bathroom since this is a space with unpromising energy generated from drainage. The statue needs not experience a washroom door or wall structure.

Bedroom: Deity sculptures are actually certainly not typically put in a room. Garage: Never set a Ganesha statue in a garage, given that this is considered a vacant and also unpromising location. 

Laundry Room: Don’t establish a Ganesha statue in a laundry room, considering that the power below corresponds to that of a shower room along with a lot of wastewater. 

Kitchen: Never position an idol in the cooking area. This is actually an area where drainage from grimy foods, leftover or spoiled meals are actually gotten rid of. 

Below stairs: In feng shui, the room underneath a staircase is actually inactive and also looked very inauspicious. The only factors that must be actually saved listed here are actually washing products or even comparable products, yet certainly never everything of value. 


Never ever specify the statuary of Lord Ganesha on the floor or a reduced positioning. Provide this sculpture with a location of tribute and regard. A dining table or closet is actually suitable where the statue rises. 

Positioning for Various Ganesha Statue Presents 

There are actually hundreds of different models of Ganesha statues. The well-liked postures have considerable meanings and may aid you in deciding which posture finest matches your feng shui necessities. 

Standing Ganesha Idol 

Typically, God Ganesha is featured with one foot resting on the mouse (his motor vehicle) and the various other feet growing firmly on the ground. In feng shui, You can efficiently utilize this pose for a residence or business workplace. 

Statuary of God Ganesha in a Sitting Posture 

This statuary usually includes Ganesha either sitting on a throne or a lotus blossom. Some statuaries include Ganesha resting cross-legged as in a yoga reflection posture. Ganesha is actually always keeping a watchful eye on those he supervises. 

Sloping Pose God Ganesha Idol 

This statue is thought about as more of a residence design selection than a spiritual one. You may place the reclining posture Ganesha in your residence office, residing area, or even one of the advantageous paths. This pose is actually commonly pertained to as the dancing of devastation. Ganesha is gracefully dancing regardless of his dimension and often is actually dancing on top of the mouse (his auto). The mouse supposedly understands Lord Ganesha’s energy and provides it in order to receive Ganesha’s blessings. Place in office to diffuse occupation associated barriers, rec room for any other challenges, and also utilize the compass instructions for specific areas. These consist of the west (little one’s luck), north (knowledge luck), as well as northeast (academic/knowledge good fortune). 

The Auspicious Energy of Lord Ganesha 

Feng shui professionals might suggest a Lord Ganesha sculpture to conquer barriers, such as acquiring that next level in a profession or even succeeding in a university scholarship. In traditional feng shui, the elephant is actually an advantageous symbol that heralds effectiveness and wealth and could be the cause God Ganesha is actually typically accepted for feng shui usage. 

Who Was God Ganesha? 

There are actually several tales concerning God Ganesha’s beginnings. Some stories position him as the organic boy of Shiva as well as Parvati. Historical texts state he was developed through Shiva, while others state Parvati developed him. Still, other early content says exactly how Shiva and Parvati discovered Ganesha and asserted him as their kid. 

Why Ganesha Has an Elephant Head 

Much like the stories of Lord Ganesha’s beginnings, the explanations for his elephant head are equally diverse. Among the most famous tales is that Parvati created a kid (telling him to become her child) to stand up, watch and shield her privacy while she bathed. Shiva was blocked out entrance into his house due to the young boy coming back from the struggle. 

Furious, Shiva cut the boy’s head from his shoulders along with his sword. In an attempt to appease a troubled Parvati, Shiva ordered his men to set out coming from the royal residence as well as take the head of the first residing pet they came across that was experiencing north. That pet was an elephant. Shiva affixed the elephant’s head to the boy’s body and took him back to life. 

God Ganesha came to be the sign of getting over challenges and understanding by means of the shows of paying attention and demonstrating on issues. These gifts are actually thought to become ingrained in those displaying his statue. They are utilizing the God Ganesha Sculpture in Feng Shui.