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The digital era has revolutionized the marketing scenario, once mouth publicity was an effective marketing stunt. But with the introduction to the internet, even mouth publicity transformed into reviews and now captures a large set of audience and influences their buying decisions.

And whenever we mention the reviews, it would be a sin if we don’t mention Google reviews. It plays such a vital role for businesses that they often opt to showcase reviews on the website using the Google review widget. After all, Google review is the most trustworthy review platform and plays a vital role in forming a reputation of the brand.

What is Google Review Widget and How to Get It?

Google review widgets are the functional blocks on the website that helps in displaying Google reviews. It helps you establish credibility for your business and brings out another aspect to your website. 

You can easily get Google review widget from tools like social media aggregators. Social media aggregators are phenomenal tools that help in collecting social feeds from various social media platform. These tools provide an easy embedding process and offer various features that add significance to this strategy. Social media aggregators provide a dedicated Google review widget that helps you collect and showcase reviews from your Google My Business Account on your website.

So, you know the basics about the Google review widget and how to get it. Now, let’s get to the core of the topic and discuss the various benefits it provides.

Benefits of Adding Google Review Widget on Website

It is not rocket science to understand how much reviews and feedback helps businesses to establish credibility and reputation in the market. And therefore, businesses are opting to embed Google reviews on the website, as people find it easy to read them. Other than that, it has the following benefits:

1. Proves reliability of your business

People often fall prey to fake organizations or brands selling cheap products at higher prices. Or often are victims of fraudulent brands, and therefore brands needed to prove their credibility to win customers’ trust.

This is where Google reviews widget comes to the rescue. It is an established fact that Google reviews are the most trusted review platform. People trust them and make their decision after reading them. So by showcasing them on the website, you can prove your reliability in front of our visitors and eventually convince them to buy your product.

2. Provides a better understanding of your products 

Who can be a better judge of a product other than the person using it, right? And hence it is important to showcase the reviews and perspective of the present user to new or potential customers. It helps potential customers to understand your product better and make their purchase decision. 

So, by showcasing them on the website, you build credibility for your business/product and provide an understanding of your product to your visitors. Your target audience can get to know your product in a better way and understand its different usages. People are creative and often use the product in a way that even brands cannot think of. 

3. Holds visitors to your website

As consumers are spoilt for choices, it is important that a particular customer thinks and stays focused on your brand. You might have noticed that people often wander to different websites and platforms to know about any particular product and end up buying from different brands. And to prevent it, you need to keep visitors to your website and by showcasing reviews to them.

Also, you have the option to hide reviews where people mention different brands. And hence keep your widget related to your business and instill interest in the mind of readers.

4. Builds a review cycle

Collecting reviews can be a tedious task, but not anymore. With Google review widget, you can easily build a review cycle. How is that possible? – People often tend to follow a trend or replicate what others are doing. You can call it peer pressure, but it works for you here. So, when an individual reads reviews from previous users, it encourages them to write reviews and enjoy their limelight on the brand’s website.

It can eventually help in building a review cycle. Why is it important to build a review cycle? – As there are more reviews for any particular product or brand, the brand recognition of the brand increases. In simple words, more reviews mean better brand recognition and reputation.

5. Increase traffic to your website

We will keep it simple and to the point. There are various websites and various platforms for consumers to explore and make their purchases. Hence it is important to stand out from and accumulate more audience on the website. 

With reviews on the website, more people will be visiting the website. Thus, increasing the website traffic, eventually helping to enhance market recognition. And at the same time, it improves the search engine ranking of your website.

Summing It Up

The simplest way to build brand reputation is through Google reviews. The easiest way to prove credibility is by showcasing reviews to the target audience. Continuing this route – the most comfortable way to showcase reviews is by adding a Google review widget to the website. So, now you know how these widgets can take your business to the next level in 2022, so go ahead, and try using these widgets now. Also, if you have a WordPress website, you can use Social Media Feeds WordPress plugins for your website and enjoy the benefits it offers.


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