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Although the names are similar, social work and sociology are different from each other. Careers shaped in both the fields are different. Social work deals more with the physical aspects of human lives while Sociology deals with the theoritical part of relation between human lives and their environment. Let us look deeper into these topics, so you gather a better idea as to which course to choose for graduation and post graduation.

Sociology and Social Work are 2 faces of A Single Coin

Sociology is one of the popular discipline of social sciences. Its main focus is the study of structure, development and functioning of human society. It is a theory driven course that specialises in the study of social behaviour and interactions among people, groups and societies. It collects and analyses data regarding social concepts like class, gender, income, education etc to identify patterns of human behaviour. Thus, it is a little tricky subject as it involves studying and implying behaviour patterns while preparing assignments. In such cases, to solve case studies and questions given in assignments, students turn to BookMyEssay for Sociology Assignment Help, which is available at affordable prices.

On the other hand Social work also touches human lives but in a more practical way. It involves helping and supporting people of different gender, groups and communities having different challenges and problems. Same as Sociology, social work can be studied as a degree program. Their work spans over a variety of things. They support people as a community or individual and help them live comfortably in their environment. For assistance on reports, case studies and assignments based on social work students can Buy Assignment Online from BookMyEssay, the professional academic writers.

Key Differences Between A Degree In Sociology and Social Work

  • Sociology can be better explained as the study of society as a whole, which studies the pattern of social behaviour, interaction and culture of the people in day to day life. While Social workers focus on creating physical problem-solving techniques to conquer various social issues that affect the people in their immediate environment. 
  • Sociology offers opportunities of research on the social behaviour, challenges and issues of different people of the society. Social workers empower people who need help such as vulnerable, abused, oppressed people, the aged and the impoverished people to cope with the issues and problems that affect their daily life.

For students who aspire to pursue careers in sociology or social work need to complete a formal degree in these courses. To complete the degree, they need to submit reports, case studies and assignments apart from giving exams and completing internship. The load of assignments can taken off by the help of experts of BookMyEssay who provide excellent, to the point sociology assignment help.

Social Work Careers

The social work curriculum requires students to complete their field work or internship during their degree. Although students with undergraduate degree in other disciplines can enroll in masters’ program of social work but it is highly recommended that students who do so complete courses in psychology, sociology, economics and political science beforehand. Some social work positions require only bachelor’s degree while, clinical social workers must have a master’s degree, 2 years of experience in supervised clinical setting and license in the state where they intend to practice.  

Sociology careers

Sociology offers opportunities to pursue research in social behaviour and related issues. Academically, sociology and social work require different paths. Individuals working in the sociology field must have a Ph.D or master’s in the field. Two kinds of sociology master’s are offered- traditional one in which students pursue doctorate and applied program that readies students for joining the workforce. To study and graduate well in sociology, students need to prepare assignments and submit them on time. But due to typical topics and less knowledge, students are often stuck and are not able to complete the assignments. They can Buy Assignment Online from BookMyEssay on sociology and social work.

How Does Sociology Relate To Social Work?

Sociologists study the human society and social behaviour through research of groups, cultures and institutions. They engage in detailed research using statistical methods and other methods like interviews, surveys and observations in the field. Social workers use sociology, psycology and other social sciences to understand and solve the problems of groups of or marginalized people.

Social work deals with issues similar to sociology. Thus, the assignment, case study, reports given to the students during college are very much similar and require deep understanding by students to complete it. But students due to lack of knowledge rely on the experts of BookMyEssay to get Sociology assignment help at affordable rates. Social workers provide direct service to the people by solving their day-to-day personal and social problems. They help their clients cope with mental and emotional stress.

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