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As per the Australian Department of Home Affairs, a permanent residency is eligible to stay in the country for a lifetime. They can study, start a business or apply for a job and enjoy all other facilities that citizens do. To become an Australian Permanent Residency, they need to have a valid visa, the most important thing. 

The possible choices for becoming a permanent residency are Subclass 189, Visa Subclass 190, and Subclass 187. This article will learn about the various specifications that they need to fulfil to get a visa. Let’s check out all these details here. 

The Different Types Of Australian Visa

  • Skilled Independent Visa: A Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 is for New Zealand citizens and invited workers with the necessary skills to live and work in the country permanently. Two categories are present under this visa; Points Tested Stream and New Zealand Stream. Points Tested Stream allows citizens to work and live anywhere in the country permanently. 

New Zealand Stream is for NZ citizens who have demonstrated commitment and contribution to the country. They can work, live here permanently.

  • Skilled Nominated Visa: A Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 lets nominated workers work and live in the country as permanent workers.

  • Subclass 187: This visa lets skilled workers nominated by the employer in Australia to work and live permanently in the country. Two categories are there in Subclass 187, Temporary Residence Transition Stream and Direct Entry Stream. The first one lets skilled workers nominated by the employer work and live in the country.

If you are interested in getting a PR, obtaining any of these visas is the first step. For that, you have to fulfil the requirements stated by the Australian Government on the immigration site. Here are the details which you can look at.

The Common Requirements

  • No cancellation or refusal of previous visa application: You are not eligible for the visa if the previous application for any of the categories has been cancelled or refused previously. 
  • Paid Back The Debt To Australian Government: if you or any of your family members own any debt under the Australian Government, make sure to clear them off at the earliest. If the amount is too considerable and you cannot clear the whole amount, make the necessary provisions. 
  • Signing The Australian Value Statement: You have to go through the Australian value statement that says: you will obey Life in Australia and respect the Australian way of life. You must sign the statement to fulfil the Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme subclass 187 and all others. 
  • Meeting The Health And Character Requirements: The next requirement is to attain the health and character requirements, without which you cannot get the visa.

Other Specific Requirements To Achieve 

Apart from the prerequisites specified above, several other requirements are there that you cannot ignore. A visa will be sanctioned provided you have attained all the specifications. 

New Zealand Stream

  • Satisfying The Income Requirement: To obtain a Subclass 189 New Zealand stream, you must meet the income requirement.

  • Have A Specific Visa: For this visa, you have to hold an NZ category subclass 444. For processing the visa application, your family members must hold a Subclass 010, Subclass 030, Subclass 010 or a substantive visa.

  • Lived In Australia For Five Years: Applicants applying for subclass 189 must be residents for at least five years before applying.

Temporary Residence Transition Stream

  • Required Skills: You must have the necessary qualifications and skills to carry out the task.

  • Registration, Licensing, Or Membership: You must be registered, licensed, or a professional body member to work in the country.

  • Be Nominated By The Employer: You should be nominated by the employer who has sponsored the temporary work visa for three to four years at least under Subclass 482 or 457. You should do it before nominating for Subclass 187.

  • Age Requirement: The age requirement specified for a Subclass 187 Visa should be under 45 years.

  • Have This Visa: You must be a primary holder of either a Subclass 482, a Subclass 457, or abridging visa B, A, or C.

Direct Entry Stream

  • Have An Eligible Occupation: Applicants applying for this visa must be nominated by their employer.

  • Have Sufficient Work Experience: Most candidates should have at least three years of experience in their respective fields.

  • Having Positive Skill Assessment: Everyone has to have a positive skill assessment for the occupation. It shows that they have the necessary skills to work in their specific field.

  • Be Nominated: You should be nominated by the employer whose business is lawfully operating in Australia. Within six months of the approval of the nomination, you should apply for the visa. 
  • Age Details: Students applying for the visa should be below 45 years or else the visa application will get rejected. They have to provide age proof which shows applicants have maintained the age requirements.

Skilled Nominated Visa 

  • Be Invited For The Visa: The general skilled migration expert team will provide you with all information about the visa requirements. For a skilled nominated visa, you need to be invited first.

  • Should Score At Least 65 Points: Everyone has to score at least 65 points while applying for a Subclass 190. Applicants who cannot obtain 65 points will not get this visa sanctioned.

  • Having The Necessary English Language Level: It is essential to qualify for the necessary English language test when applying for the visa.

Points-Tested Stream

  • Have A Suitable Skills Assessment: The immigration agent Perth can guide candidates while applying for the visa. To avoid facing rejections, they have to attain the skills assessment when invited for the application. The set of skills need to be applied three years before the application date.

  • Get A Score Of At Least 65 Points: For this visa, candidates must get a score of at least 65 points. The immigration experts will reject the application if all the prerequisites are not achieved.

  • Have This Level Of English Language: While applying, students must have the necessary English language level.

What Is The Need To Qualify For The Requirements To Get A Visa?

The immigration experts are strict and look for every parameter before sanctioning a partner visa Perth or other options. The visa won’t get approved if applicants fail to qualify for a single requirement. In that way, many of them cannot become permanent residents. To avoid that, it is always better to get some help from the registered agents. They have an idea of what all parameters experts look for and can assist them in this process. Now, it’s time to look for a professional team to help candidates with the entire process.

Look For the Best Registered Migration Agent

Now you should start looking for the best Registered Migration Agent Perth who can guide you to get a visa. The professionals should be qualified and must hold the necessary licenses to work legally. Before appointing them, you must go through their reviews to find out how they have been working. 

They will prepare a checklist that will avoid committing mistakes. If they have received many positive reviews over time, you can go ahead and appoint them. In that way, you can become a permanent resident of Australia. With that, you will start enjoying all the benefits and work in the country. 

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