How to buy used cars?


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When your financial situation is at a fair level and it is new, it is recommended that you buy a used car for transportation. I tell you stepwise general rule for purchasing a used car. Before discussing the rule you have to visit  online platform for buying or selling a used car like 

First, look at the exterior and interior of a used car.

This general rule like First, look at the exterior and interior of for the new year, and look at the engine chassis for the old year tells you that if you buy a used car for about two years, you must strictly control the exterior and interior, and don’t let your will. Because of the new year, if the interior is not clean enough, and if the exterior paint is baked and then baked, it means that the owner will not care about the car or accidentally drive the car and often bumps. Check a car in reference to buying a car like cam placer x.

 The car condition may not show a major problem at present, but after running for a period of time, the parts It must be aged and worn out in advance. The chances of old-year used cars to find the real original paint are not high, but if the chassis parts are severely worn, it will cost a lot to repair. If the engine loses water due to the loss of oil, the cost of the overhaul will be higher, and whether it is worth buying must be carefully considered. If the chassis is caused by the owner driving a large pothole, or riding on high and low roads without slowing down, causing the vehicle to become lame, it may cause deviation in the slightest, and the suspension system may break, and the drive shaft, shock absorber, connecting rod, tie rod, etc. may be bent and damaged. These items must It takes a lot of money to fix it. The engine can be judged from the running sound and the observation of the engine room. If it runs smoothly without shaking, there is no oil leakage in the engine room, and abnormal noise, it can be judged as good. If there is an oil leak in the engine room, it is best to carefully study and judge the idle speed jitter. This can be done from the odometer, tires, shock absorbers, etc. to make a comprehensive study and judgment. Here, it is mentioned that a comprehensive study and judgment is necessary because some car dealers will use the odometer to do this. careful.

Second, be careful when replacing sheet metal parts of used cars.

This part of judging whether the relevant vehicle is an accident vehicle requires careful dialectic. If the sealing strip of the vehicle sheet metal parts is complete, the side surface can be judged by light refraction to determine whether sheet metal has been made. If the side door skin and fender have been replaced, be careful that the degree of impact is usually large, and whether the door sill is recessed causing the chassis to shift, or even More seriously cut the threshold to correct the body chassis. The replacement of the front and rear covers must be checked more carefully. Usually, the replacement of the hood means that the hood is curled after an impact. The curling of the metal is extremely difficult to flatten with sheet metal technology, so the hood is replaced. If it is found that the hood is replaced, the next step must be to Check more carefully whether the water tank frame has been cut welded or replaced with a new one. Whether the front of the car is collapsed due to excessive impact force. Similarly, the replacement of the rear tank cover may also be caused by excessive impact force from the rear. For vehicles that have flowed into the middle-aged car market, for this reason, the repair shop will usually repair the vehicle to the original state as much as possible and then dispose of it. Therefore, don’t expect that the repaired car will be a problem. There is no guarantee of safety.

Third, year of manufacture Condition of the vehicle to be careful not to match

A vehicle factory two to three years if proper care, and there will not be a big gap between the new car, but year old used car, if it looks like a new car It’s best to maintain a reserved attitude for the interior and appearance of the car. Most taxis and rental cars have loan mortgage settings. Pay attention to the property rights, and the interior grade of this type of vehicle must be poor. Pay attention to whether there are many cigarette butts. Combustion is also a good way to judge, and it is best to judge that the vehicle condition is an unfinished vehicle.

Fourth, stick to your own suspicions, the sense of smell has a considerable degree of reliability

For the car in doubt, I would rather keep the attitude of reservation, don’t rush to start, maybe the exterior of this car is completely baked, but it contains strange black fingerprints and traces of cleaning. Carefully lift the guard strip and The interior decoration panel maybe the car that has been cut and welded. The soaking car can sometimes help a lot with the smell. You can imagine the strange smell of the carpet after being soaked in mud and cleaning. There is a faint fishy smell when the door is opened, and a musty smell is a warning You must check carefully. If the interior is clean but there is a smell of detergent or a strong smell of fragrance, you must also be careful. Carefully check the joints of the interior equipment. There must be clues. Sometimes the carpet is lifted. It is not necessarily useful. Maybe the carpet has been updated or all the interiors have been removed for cleaning. Therefore, some internal circuit joints must be carefully inspected to avoid buying a soaking car.

Fifth, the problems caused by the use of the vehicle for a certain period of time.

If the body condition is normal, the normal maintenance of the vehicle within five years should not cause major problems. As mentioned earlier, the problem of aging and wear of the engine and chassis is mentioned here. Note: When the vehicle reaches a certain period of use, chassis parts often occur in shock absorbers, engine feet, drive shafts and driveshaft ball joints, and steering gear rods. These permanent wear problems are better solved, but if the engine is in poor condition It is time-consuming and laborious to deal with. It must be noted that the high-temperature engine is overheated; the cause of idling jitter is mostly caused by car carbon deposits. Cleaning the intake manifold, adjusting fuel injection, ignition, etc. can be handled, and it will not cost much. If the carbon deposits are serious, it must be Treat the cylinder head to remove carbon deposits, polish intake and exhaust valves, etc. But it’s more troublesome to eat engine oil. Engine oil and engine oil are both reasons. If you go to a large package repair, you need to replace the piston ring, including the cylinder barrel connecting rod size. It is impossible to do it without spending more than 50,00 RM. In this way, the total engine repair of zero and zero may cost more than 100,00 RM. If it is cost-effective to buy a car with 500,00 RM and put it up to more than 100,00 RM, then we must think carefully.


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