How to Charge Solar Lights without Sun?


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Is the sun not shining brighter today? Is it raining today? Are you worried about your solar lights? Do not worry further. Here we are going to discuss some useful tips to charge your solar lights without sun. So, quickly scroll down and learn what you should know. 

Solar light charging method:

If you want to know whether or not your solar light can be charged without sun. You have to first understand the charging method of a solar light. 

Solar lights convert sunlight using photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic cell converts the solar power into a direct current. The battery stores the current to power up the lights at night. Solar light needs constant sunlight for 4 to 10 hours to be charged properly. Once the battery is charged you can expect night-long illumination. 

Is this possible to charge solar light without the sun? 

Yes, it is possible to charge your solar light without sun rays but is not a very efficient way. So, do not worry if you don’t live in sun-kissed areas like Mexico. 

You don’t have to chase sunlight to install solar lights. The lights can be indirectly charged to make your patios illuminated at night.

3 tips to charge solar lights without the sunlight:

Here we are going to share some tips you can use to charge your solar light.

  • Don’t consider the little cloudy daylight insufficient:

The sun is still somewhere shining in cloudy weather. So, make use out of it. The photovoltaic cell receives little light through receptors. The receptors work well even in less heat generation. The electron inside the cell does not move steadily. Thus, this becomes the reason for the high voltage difference that allows more energy production.

  • Bright incandescent light can serve well:

Got an incandescent bulb? Wonderful! Charge your solar light using this bulb. Though it is not a good idea to charge your energy-saving light with hard-wired light. But still, it can be used when the sun is not shining brighter. 

  • L.E.D light can save your day:

LED light is better than incandescent light because it covers a large spectrum. Solar cells are efficient enough to respond to every light. Thus, the only problem that exists in artificial charging is, it takes more time than solar charging. About 2 to 5 hours more than usual. 

  • Charge it like an ordinary light:

If you can’t use the tips mentioned above. You can also charge your solar light like ordinary light. Just plug the USB charger into the wall socket. There you go! Your solar light is ready to brighten up your lawn. However, this is not an affordable option.

Final words:

You can follow the tips mentioned in this article to use your solar light without any hustle. Do let us know in the comment sections below if these tips are helpful for you. Apply these tips on other solar devices as well. Moreover, do let us know if you have any other queries regarding solar energy.   Promote green energy!


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