How to paint with watercolor for beginners


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We create beautiful watercolor paintings and tutorials. Not only is the work impressive, but we make watercolor painting so fun and easy!


I’m a massive fan of Anna’s work, so imagine my joy when she contacted me to ask if I was interested in taking her online course, Getting Started with Watercolor. To say you were thrilled to take this course is an understatement. I consider myself a beginner personally for watercolor, and Anna made getting started that simple. The lessons are easy to digest. Plus, they show you everything you need to remember to start drawing with watercolors of the lotus drawing.

The course includes fun exercises, worksheets, sketches you can draw (for those who aren’t good at drawing), and more. Plus, once you’re done with the lessons, there are 10 excellent step-by-step watercolor video tutorials for you to follow. These tutorials will get you to create frame-worthy watercolors in no time.


I decided to follow the chocolate cake tutorial right after completing the lessons. Here is a photo of my finished painting. It’s not perfect, but I like it. With practice, I know I will get better and better!

How to paint with watercolor for beginners

What was your motivation for starting your course, Getting Started with Watercolor?

I believe it is, above all, a desire to share my knowledge and experience in watercolor painting. I always share my experience and skills through Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and until the pandemic, I was doing watercolor workshops. It is a great pleasure and joy for me to serve and inspire thousands of people worldwide. But the Getting Started with Watercolor course is an entirely different approach. This course is the epitome of everything I know about watercolor. All my love for this beautiful medium has focused on Getting Started with Watercolor. It’s a quick and effective way to learn how to paint with modern watercolor.

Secondly, I wanted to create an online course that you would have liked to find when a beginner is in this medium. As you know, everything comes from pain. My pain when I started painting was that I couldn’t find any courses with direct information. I want to say that today there are many courses in this field, especially on well-known platforms. Unfortunately, the quality of these courses leaves a lot to be desired. No one promises that you will start painting like a pro or learn this medium in no time. It isn’t just from the top of my head. I’ve heard it from many of my students. My course is a great start to explore this medium as a gateway to watercolor painting.

Should a character have some familiarity with watercolor?

No, it’s not necessary. The program is produced for complete amateurs and consists of a theoretical block and a practical module. In addition, I have included many exercises and worksheets. Everything is done for practicing and enjoying the watercolor. The student has the opportunity to learn all the techniques and fundamental aspects of watercolor painting, such as color mixing, brush strokes, etc., within the basic module. Also, I have an intense section devoted to supplies.

So my student knows what he has to buy and also what he can buy next. And, of course, all new knowledge must consolidate in practice. And for that, I’ve created 10 awesome practice projects. These projects are all different and are explicitly designed to show the possibilities of watercolor from different angles. The themes of these projects are also different: painting of flowers, landscapes, galaxy scenarios, animals.

As you can see in the program, there is much data—everything you need to get excited with watercolor out any action. At the same time, you will find only important and structured data in the course, no fluff.

Do you have to be great at bringing to draw in watercolor?

Well, basically, yes, at least a little. But for my students, this is not necessary. I provide a sketch (outline) for each practice project. It means that the student can print it out and trace it on watercolor paper. It’s a great way to focus on watercolor painting and feel like an artist. 

Need expensive watercolor supplies to start the course?

To be honest, yes. Some supplies need to be professional, which means expensive. But the question here is which material should be professional and which ones we can save on. And the answers come from experience. In my course, I have covered these points in detail. Simply put, don’t buy cheap watercolor or office paper, especially if you are a watercolor beginner.

If you don’t have any watercolor painting supplies, I suggest spending around $ 40 in total on watercolor paints, paper, and brushes. The list of materials is provided with the course.

Your Instagram account is filled with beautiful watercolors

Some do. But I tried not to share the course content on Instagram and to keep the course exclusive. But I can ensure you that my path describes the individual painting technique that I share in Instagram.

Creative people

Indeed, it is not necessary. All you need is to love watercolor or have a definite desire to start. And, of course, practice makes it all possible. Also, a good teacher helps and guides. Being creative or talented is a good thing :). But it doesn’t work that way, and being passionate about something is much more critical.

Is there anything more you would want to mention?

I wish you all patience, who are just getting started with watercolor painting or any other medium. Believe in yourself. Whichever path you want to study watercolor, like the art method and use as often as feasible. If you want to sign up for my online course, see you there. It will be fun, and I promise you will start painting in watercolor in no time.


Thank you so significantly for selecting the time to participate in this article. If you want to learn how to create beautiful watercolors, then you should re-read the article.

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