How to Prepare for Your Traditional FaceLift


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How to prepare for the traditional facelift?

A traditional facelift is always one of the most famous kinds of plastic surgery to alleviate the signs of aging. After the plastic surgery, you will achieve a flawless look along with the pore tightening effect. It is the best treatment for face and neck lifting. A facelift does not alter your primary appearance, but it can dramatically wipe out the fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The facelift is an effective and safe cosmetic procedure. The doctor will prepare you for a traditional facelift. Proper preparation is necessary to bypass complications and get an assured result after surgery. If you follow the doctor’s routine, you can expect a smooth recovery

Take medical consultation before going under the knife

Before plastic surgery the first step will be a consultation which ensures you to be a good candidate for a facelift and the procedure will be more realistic, therefore you can achieve the desired objectives:

During your consultation you may expect:

  • Discuss the alteration you desire to get
  • Submit your complete medical information including any chronic disease and medication
  • Submit the list of current medication, supplement, and vitamin
  • Discuss the pros and cons of surgery and what will be the final consequence
  • Discuss the procedure, ask about the invasiveness and recovery time.

Before taking consultation, you may list down your queries wants to ask. More depth discussion is better for both, your surgeon may address concerns you may carry.

Preparation of Traditional facelift: One week before the surgery

The preparation time is variable, mostly depends on the patient, and their body reacts to the invasiveness. Also, it will depend on the health condition and lifestyle a person used to lead. Some patients need very little to be prepared, whereas others may require some large alteration before undergoing the procedure. Smokers always advise to quite smoke at least one month before the surgery, and he/ she has to stop this habit for longer period of time. It is because smoking enhances the risk of complications and prolonged the recovery period. Smoking is responsible for premature wrinkles as it indirectly increases oxidative stress.

It is crucial to have medical transparency just before cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon usually checks whether you are healthy enough to take advantage of facelift surgery. The main objective of cosmetic surgery is to bring about the aesthetic outcome without harming your health.

Your cosmetic surgeon will adjust your dosage for some medication and suggest avoiding some specific over-the-counter medications. He also advises stopping using Aspirin, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplements which can develop bruising and the chance of bleeding.

Preparation: On the day of your surgery

Invasive or non-invasive irrespective of the type of surgery, each patient experiences some sort of tension. But don’t worry the complete medical team will assist you to relieve tension. The cosmetic surgeon will advise not to eat and drink for at least 12 hours before surgery.

You have to wear a loose-fitting dress that makes you comfortable on and off after and before surgery. The treatment area will get sensitive after their treatment, therefore a tight fitting dress rub against your face which will cause pain and healing. The procedure would take a total of six hours to complete, generally face and neck lift takes more than 6 hours. You can not go home after surgery due to drowsiness, the consequence of anesthesia, and the pain of surgery. Therefore, you have to call someone to pick you up and take you home.

What you would expect after facelift treatment?

just after a medical procedure, most patients have gauzes put around their face to decrease expansion and control swelling. You may likewise have a drainage tube set up to deplete the abundance of blood or liquid. These can be taken out inside a little while.

Your specialist will give proper guidance on the most proficient method to really focus on dressings and channels. They will likewise go over any prescription – like anti-biotics and painkillers – you should take. Try to ask doubts in the event that you don’t get something. You must follow the post-careful consideration guidelines to get the most aesthetic outcomes within a small recovery time.

Swelling, inflammation, and brushing will reduce within fifteen days of operation. It will take a minimum of three months to feel your face normal. You have to wait to get back to the normal texture. Through the skin texture will be improved after healing. It will show a pore tightening effect. You may expect 6 to12 months to see the complete pore tightening effect of a traditional facelift.

Is there any potential complication?

Each plastic surgery carries some sort of complication, but the risk is very low when the treatment is performed by a leading surgeon. The patient may expect mild to moderate levels of pain numbness and swelling which will go away with time. 

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