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The playhouse is a wooden building with windows, in which children can pretend to live. The playhouse games are designed to be in a space where girls and boys can play together in a safe environment. The window in the playhouse is a great improvement in terms of light and ventilation. The process of installing it is very simple.

This article presents a solution for installing a window into the playhouse. When going about it, please bear in mind that this might not be a perfect solution and the playhouse is probably executed differently by different people. Here, in this article, we have described some general tips and tricks

Tools To Install The Window

Tools needed: flat blade screwdriver, pencil, circular saw (or regular saw), tape measure, drill with ¾” spade bit, and drill with ⅛” bit.

Steps To Install The Window

Get Accurate Size Window 

Place the order for the right size of window according to your needs and requirement. It is important to measure the opening dimensions so that you can place the order for the right one. You can take the help of professionals in choosing the right size of the window for your playhouse. Usually, people prefer to choose a 12×18 playhouse window

Check Received Window

Remove window from packaging and inspect for damage or missing pieces. If there are no visible damages, proceed on to installation. If not, make a note of it and contact the manufacturer for replacement. Lay window on the ground with clean side facing up and protective plastic still on the glass.

Mark The Area

 Trace the outline of the window onto the cedar playhouse wall using a pencil, then remove the window from the work area. Use a circular saw or regular saw to cut out the opening in the playhouse wall for the new window. Depending on how many layers of cedar siding your playhouse has, you may have to saw through up to 3 boards to complete the opening. 

Once the window is framed in by a freshly cut wall, measure and mark a spot for a hole that will allow a power cord from a power drill to fit through from inside the playhouse. Drill a hole at this location, then feed the power cord through the hole and cut it to length with scissors or side cutters.

Important Note: If you are having trouble finding the studs on the side of the wall with a power drill, screw in a small scrap piece of wood into the stud and put your drill bit into that hole to find the stud behind it. Remember: measure twice, cut once! If you are using a regular saw to cut the window opening, try clamping the window into place before cutting it out to ensure an even cut.

Place The Window

Place playhouse windows in opening in playhouse wall so that the window pencil markings are facing inward for easy access when wiring is complete. Remove the protective plastic from the window. Using a drill fitted with a ¾” spade bit, drill a hole for each screw that will be used to secure the window from the inside of the playhouse. 

Drill 1/8" size pilot holes for screws in the wood surrounding window where it meets the wall and where studs meet wall on either side of the window. Using a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw, pre-drill holes with power drill into studs on both sides of the window where screws will be installed (or use a hammer and nails). Screw-in flat head trims border strips to hold the shelf in place at either end of the window opening.

Analyze Area Around The Window

Inspect the area surrounding the window opening for any gaps or cracks, and fill with cedar dust from a can of wood filler. Carefully place shelf unit on top of brackets. Use a drill fitted with a 3/4" spade bit to drill holes into the playhouse studs where the shelf will be secured by screws. Screw-in screws until they barely protrude from the other side of the playhouse stud. Wipe away any excess wood filler dust or spills, and patch with a small amount of paint if desired. Similarly, you can install the shed windows.

Take Help For Wired Windows

Wiring windows in your playhouse is best done by someone who has wired before or under the supervision of someone familiar with wiring practices. Also, if you want to install different shapes and styles of windows such as round playhouse windows, then take the help of the professionals.

Final Words

These are few steps that are involved in the installation process of the playhouse. We recommend you precisely follow these to get the desired results.


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