How You Can Get Your Learner’s Permit in Florida?


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In every teen’s life, there comes a time when they stop being responsible for their parents and taxis for rides. It becomes important for them to become independent and learn how to drive perfectly. But in states like Florida, the first thing the new drivers have to do is get their Florida learner’s permit. 

Getting a learner’s permit, also called a learner’s license, helps new drivers/teens get a certificate that proves that they have good driving skills and can drive safely on the road. Getting a learner’s permit usually seems to be easy for new drivers but is a process that is not just time-consuming but also complicated. 

Learning how to drive is not just limited to improving driving skills. The new drivers have to take proper training to prove that they are good drivers and get the learner’s permit. Along with this, being aware of the requirements and process of a learner’s permit help you get one in less time and with less effort. Some common things that can help you get your learner’s permit in Florida are listed below.

Checking Requirements

To get a learner’s permit in Florida, you have to make sure that you are eligible for it and will complete all the requirements properly. Checking the requirements of the learner’s permit not only just helps you prepare yourself for the process but also keeps the process smooth. 

When you are well aware of the learner’s permit requirements, it becomes easy for you to avoid mistakes that can cost you high and reduce your chances of getting the learner’s permit. Some common requirements that you must complete and know before applying for the learner’s permit in Florida are:


In terms of age, it is important for you to make sure you are at least 15 years old. Those below 15 are not considered eligible for the learner’s permit. Those new drivers, who are under 18 years, need to have a signed as well as notarized Parental Consent Form. This Form 71142, must be signed by the biological or adopted parents. The step-parents of any new learner are not allowed to sign it unless they have adopted the minor child legally. 

Driving Course

Another thing that you need to get for a learner’s permit in Florida is a proper certificate of the driving course. The new drivers have to join a professional driving course to learn how to drive. Special driving courses like defensive driving courses help new learners learn driving along with knowing the driving strategies and tricks that each driver must know to drive safely. 

These days many companies have started offering defensive driving courses so that new learners do not have to face many complications to get a learner’s permit. Taking defensive driving training help you have a better understanding of Florida traffic rules. It not only just makes you aware of road and traffic rules and strategies but also helps you improve your driving skills that you must have to tackle the traffic, reckless drivers, and unexpected bad weather conditions. 

Permit Test 

Getting the learner’s permit in Florida is more than just assembling the required documents. To get a learner’s permit in Florida, you not just have to join a driving course and improve your driving skills but also have to pass the permit test. The permit test usually includes 50 multiple-choice questions that are related to Florida traffic laws and signage. 

To pass the permit test and get the learner’s permit, you have to make sure you will answer at least 40 questions correctly. Passing the Florida permit test online helps you get the learner’s permit on the basis of which you can start driving on the road. The learner’s permit that you get after passing the permit test also helps you get the driving license in less time. 

Experts that offer driving courses like defensive driving courses also organize permit tests to help you save time as well as money. The certificate that you get for passing the test and completing the driving course further makes it easy for you to get the learner’s permit. 


What Next?

Many new drivers have a misconception that the process of getting the learner’s permit is limited to joining a course, and passing the exam. But after getting the learner’s permit, you have to pay attention to the restrictions of the learner’s permit. You have to make sure you will drive only when you are accompanied by an experienced/licensed driver who is at least 21. 

For the first three months, the permit also restricts you from driving in the dark. However, after the first three months of getting the learner’s permit, you can drive until 10:00 p.m. following the restrictions of the learner’s permit further help you get the learner’s license in less time. 

Final Thoughts 

No doubt, getting a license permit in Florida is quite tricky, but completing the requirements and joining a defensive driving course help you pass the permit test with a good score. The driving course helps you get the learner’s permit and prepare yourself for the driving license as well as for road challenges.