If your Device still Uses Android 2.3 You Should Get Ready for Being Blocked from Google? 


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All those who are using Android 2.3 to access Google services like Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube should brace up for the new reality. Android keeps updating its versions from time to time. And that time has finally arrived, and if you do not prepare yourself for this new reality, you may be blocked from Google.

Users Should Shift to the Latest Version of Android

This will not affect you individually. In fact, millions of phones will be blocked by Google. From 27th September onwards, all those using the Android 2.3 version devices will not be allowed to access services like Google Maps, You Tube, and the mailing platform Gmail. 

Android 2.3 versions were launched way back in 2010, and technology has changed in the last one decade or so. Therefore, Google has no option but to block such devices from accessing its services because they are no more compatible to Google.  

Google is the world’s largest search engine and they need to remain at the top of technology to give the best possible services to billions of its users. Those who thought they can still manage to use Google’s multiple services with the same device should take the corrective measure and shift to the latest android version devices. If they fail to do this, Google will shut down its most popular services to them. From September 27, Google’s services like Google Mail, YouTube and Google Maps will only work on the latest version of Android devices.  These services are used by billions of users distributed all over the world.

The Ban Will Impact Millions of Users

Google has already advertised for such a deadline on its website.  According to this deadline, users either need to update their existing phones or get a new mobile phone.  The latest development from Google will likely impact millions of Android users around the world.

Recently, Google issued a notification that those who have not shifted to another device and are still accessing Google services through older Android 2.3 version will be hitherto disallowed from using its services. These devices have become outdated, and it won’t be feasible for Google to keep serving them. Therefore, Google will be withdrawing support to devices that are still using Android 2.3.  The company believes that such a decision has been taken to keep users safe. This is not something happening for the first time since Google often removes outdated versions of Android software and launches a newer version for users. 

Why Was This Step Taken?

Google regularly takes such a step because older versions are more prone to bugs and hackers.  They have been in use for quite long, and whatever safety measures were provided has now become redundant. The latest version of Android 11 is the most advanced version available today for Android smart phones.  

In February 2017, Google was forced to suspend Google Pay service. It was done for the same reason – devices were using Android 2.3 version. The same thing has happened now. So, from September, 2021, whoever is trying to use Google services through this outdated version of Android will not be able to log into their Google account?

There is Threat to Other Apps Too

Those having Android 2.3 version devices will get notifications from Google about username and wrong password.  Even if they use the correct login id and password, they will not be allowed to access Google services. In case, they add Google Calendar or Gmail account on this version, they will still face the same problem.  Not only this, every other Google app like Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Calendar, and YouTube will become out of reach for such users. There was this interesting message I received yesterday on my Connect app account – If you wish to use these apps, you will have to upgrade your phone to Android 3.0.

Every technology comes with an expiry date. So, what was the latest technology a few years back will eventually become obsolete. To keep ahead in the technology, you need to continuously update it. Moreover, no technology works in isolation. It is also linked to other technology, and both of them need to be in balance. That is why; in almost every field innovation keeps taking place. If you want to be at the top of your game, you have to catch up with the latest technology. 

Google has been consistently one of the best companies in the world. In the last 30 years, so many companies came and then disappeared. However, Google still remains at the top. This is primarily because Google keeps reinventing itself. It has one of the most modern research and development centers where scientists and developers are working round the clock. They do not remain in their comfort zone, and are always working with an eye to the future. This is the reason why Google is such a trendsetter company. 


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