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Impacting your Brand Personality with Unique Logo Designs

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Logos are the first thing that you see when you purchase a product or intend to buy it. If it’s attractive and unique you tend to buy it or you end up remembering it for days until you visit the shop again and buy it. You can see logos on products, services, media, marketing campaigns, advertisements, etc. Logos play an important role in how current and potential customers perceive your product which may lead to the product or service ending up in your homes or on the shelves.

It is always recommended to design simple, unique and memorable logos so that it creates an impact on your customers to purchase it sooner or later. A blend of colors, symbols, images and typefaces create attractive logos. If you are worried about your current logo you can get a new one designed by logo developers and designers or can make changes to the existing one by using a different color palette or typeface. You should make sure to match the business goals and values with the logo. A logo design company develops and designs extraordinary logos for different brands according to the requirements.

The question still arises: what are logos? Logos are symbols made of different images and texts that represent your business. It shows the business values, products and services. Logos possess the characteristics that differs it from the rest of the brands and allows you to recognize it. An example of such a logo is McDonald’s “M.” As soon as we see the yellow-gold colored M we recognize it as McDonalds in a fraction of seconds. A logo should be designed around the five qualities or characteristics of a unique design.

  • Simple

If we see different logos and recall a few we see most of the logos have a simple design, yet they are far more impactful than others. Nike is an example of a simple logo design that can be easily associated with its products and can be remembered. Why are simple logos a success? The shorter and simple a logo design, the easier it is to connect with. It shows the whole brand’s overall personality in a concise and effective manner. Such logos play around with symbols, colors and fonts only to build unique designs. You can even use a letter or word mark with images to associate with the brand. You can easily deliver a powerful message with a simple design format.

  • Relevant

Logos directly share the company’s products, services, image and goals. They deliver the brand’s personality clearly to the target market without beating around the bush. The message should always be straight-forward without leaving customers to think and figure it out. A relevant logo uses various colors to trigger different emotions related to the product. A travel and tour company may use neutral-toned colors for tranquility, fun and relaxation. A relevant logo can also use different font sizes and word marks to create an impact of the relevancy. The use of fonts delivers the brand’s values. For example, jewelry and art galleries use cursive and designed fonts. Before you do anything choose the correct symbol for your logo. They build a strong relationship with the brand ideology and values.

  • Memorable

Creating logos is a fun yet challenging task. If you have a beautiful logo design that is simple and relevant but isn’t memorable the logo design will have no effect on your business. It is like wasting your money designing a name for your shop as no customers will be attracted towards it. Such logos are easily relatable and can be associated. A memorable logo connects with the customer and makes them buy it. Such brands influence the customer’s mind and stick with them. A good memorable logo is a balance of visual and textual aspects. Logo design agency USA designs logos that communicate the brand’s personality clearly. If it is a memorable logo it will always be unique that makes the brand stand out from the rest and creates a place in the customer’s mind.

  • Timeless

What can be the best thing about a company that can be easily associated with the brand even over the years? The new designing era of different trends and unique colors create a high demand for the products, but a lot of times the trends go away and the customers fail to connect with the brand. These logos need to be designed over and over again since they follow the current trends. A unique logo is supposed to be timeless so that your target audience can easily connect with the brand over the years too. Coca-Cola is an example of such a company or logo design that word mark has impacted the people’s minds and continues to connect with the brand personality.

Timeless logos are a combination of crazy ideas and different elements put together to see what works best for the company. The main goal of a timeless logo is to represent the brand’s values and ideas. It uses simple, basic color combinations while ignoring the gradients.

  • Versatile

Logos are designed in different shapes, sizes and color themes. They can be used in different places with different shapes, sizes and ways. You can create impactful logos by changing the size or shape of a logo according to the situation. You can create vector files that can be scaled later if you want to enlarge the logo to avoid pixelation. It is advisable to keep the clutter minimum by reducing lines, elements and colors with a simple design for a versatile logo design. The simple logo design, the powerful and versatile it is.

In conclusion, a good logo is the representation of your brand personality. It becomes important to deliver quality logos with simple timeless yet versatile designs to impact the consumers mind.  A relevant design will target the core ideology of your brand and will create a long term impression. You can hire logo developers and designers if you want a professional logo for your company or else you can make use of different online logo makers that create customized logo designs.


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