Is It Possible To Spy on an Android Phone in 2021


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Cell phones are devices that are mainly used to connect with others. In the current decade, advancement in technology has changed our lives. We can connect to the person miles away by a single tap on our smartphones. Mobile phones serve several purposes like calling, video calling, SMS, multimedia messaging, internet surfing, email checking, playing video games, photography, paying bills, receiving receipts, online shopping and many more. 

With the swift expansion in smartphone users, Android phones are a significant concern. However, if you search the online supermarket for Android spyware, you will have a great variety of free hidden spy apps for Android smartphones. As a result, spying on someone is no longer a problem anymore. Without touching, you can spy on someone’s phone. Not only is spying possible, but you can now track or control all the target phone’s activities through spy apps for remote monitoring in 2021.

What is the Android Spy App?

An Android spy app is a tracking app by which you can monitor various online actions on any android device. The only limitation that varies here is; physically you have to download the spy app on the target phone. These spy apps work in privileged mode. You can monitor privately and view all the target device’s collective data and activity reports on an online portal. 

For free hidden spy apps for Android, your privacy would be the topmost priority. You can monitor and control all online activities.

Who Needs the Android Spy Apps? 

Spy apps for remote monitoring in 2021 offer varied tracking solutions; it serves various purposes. For example, they have many features such as GPS location tracker, geofencing, call tracking, Spy on the text messages of target device, SMS & MMS monitoring. Parents might need Android spy apps to monitor their kids, or employers can track their employees remotely. Furthermore, parents can protect their children by restricting or limiting mobile usage.

Android Spy Apps – Prime Purposes

Here are four prime reasons for using the Android Spy Apps:

  • Parental Check
  • Employee Monitoring 
  • Spouse Monitoring
  • Smart Device Tracker

Parental Check:

Android Spy apps are the solution for parents who are exhausted from keeping their eyes on kids’ entities and abandoning to produce a guarded atmosphere. Thousands of people use Android spying apps to trace their kid’s digital actions. It helps parents manage their kids from reaching offensive content and preserve them from malicious intruders. In addition, it’s more peaceful to shield them from risk by taking precautionary measures.

Employee Monitoring :

Controlling remote workers manually is very troublesome; you can’t know whether they are serving or misusing their time. Therefore, Android spy apps are prevalent among companies as well. They aid businesses in tracing the daily activities of their employees or to catch the cheating employees.

Spouse Monitoring: 

Every relationship has some doubts and misunderstandings in life. For example, you might doubt your partner betraying or keeping something dark. So people across the globe use Android spy apps to monitor all actions of your partner.

Smart Device Tracker:

If you have any delicate data in your device and can’t miss it, it is more helpful to have a backup alternative. The Android spy apps will locate the end device precisely in the world. Besides that, users will also be capable of backing up their data and delete vital records remotely. 

Android Spy Apps – Key Features:

Free hidden spy apps for Android have key features that help parents, employers, and spouses monitor their target devices. Such as;

  • Call Monitoring:

Are you worried about the unknown calls your target device receives? Stop worrying as Android spy apps have a better solution. You can now monitor and listen to all the calls of the target device, which would prevent your target user from any significant danger.

  • Read Messages:

Do you want to check whom your child sent and received messages?

You can monitor their messages by using Android tracking apps.

  • View contacts:

Contact details can be found easily through spying apps, including; names, numbers and locations.

  • Track Locations:

You can locate instant locations of the target device.

  • Geo-Fencing:

Through a location tracking based app, you can mark safe and dangerous zones for your child or employee. Then, as soon as the target device visits that place, the app will notify you.

  • Access the Images, Videos and Recordings:

The media of the target device has as much information hidden as most people used to communicate through pictures and videos. Therefore, you can trace all the media of your target phone.

  • Access to all Social Media Apps:

Social networks are proliferating; spy apps can provide you with all the details of the active accounts used on your target device.

  • View the screen: 

Viewing the current screen of the end device is now possible through spying apps to find the preferences and interests of the user.

  • Activity reports:

The tracking app lets you monitor and control the target devices, and you can receive activity reports of the device you targeted.


Spy apps for remote monitoring in 2021 have obtained prevalence among people across the world. In this particular article; we have given you a summary of why they are used and what features of the Android tracking apps they offer. Notwithstanding that each app varies from the other, each tracking app must provide the primary purposes of monitoring the target phone.

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