Is your child addicted to Instagram? What can you do?


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It’s no surprise that today’s kids are too obsessed with Instagram and other social media platforms. After all, they are the first generation to grow up in the age of social media. As a result, they can’t imagine life without Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok.

Reports from the Pew Research Center say that almost 72% of teenagers are using Instagram daily. The majority of teenagers spend at least 5 hours each day on social media. Therefore, parents have grown more tech-savvy over time and wish to keep track of their children’s social media activities to prevent them from being addicted to social media.

If you notice your child spending their time on mobile phones, they are most likely hooked to social media. In the worst case, you’ll be left with no choice but to delete your child’s Instagram account. So, let’s find out whether your child is addicted to Instagram or not.

5 signs your child is addicted to Instagram

Although many teens use Instagram, a small percentage of them are addicted to it. If you’re concerned about your teenager’s excessive social media usage, here are a few indicators to watch to determine whether or not your child or teen is addicted to Instagram.

They are constantly checking their mobile phones.

One of the first signs you can look for is if they constantly check their post updates, likes, take selfies, and chat with friends. We all are familiar with how teenagers frequently check their mobile and respond to messages quickly, and it may seem more likely normal teen behavior. If you suspect the problem is a true addiction, you can manage by limiting their time regarding social media.

Disconnected from real life

Social media like Instagram is supposed to connect more people virtually. But children addicted to social media and Instagram tend to lose real friends and family. These days teenagers do not talk to each other in person but eagerly compose text messages and post on their social media accounts. Furthermore, you might see your kids checking their Instagram feed at a dinner table or during family time.    

Depression, stress, and anxiety

Well, it is not scientifically proven that overuse of social media leads to depression. However, some research shows that children who spend more time on social media feel more isolated, and as a result, they become increasingly reliant on Instagram to pass the time. 

For example, when teenagers share photographs on social media, they may get rude comments. These things make them feel bad about themselves and can lead to depression and anxiety.

Affect their daily routine

Scrolling through Instagram’s feed and stalking other people cut into kids’ time on activities that make them feel good, like exercise and hobbies. They will have difficulty performing their daily activities like their school works, dinner time, and other healthy activities. According to studies, many teenagers have a habit of using mobile phones late at night, which disrupts their sleep.

Overshare on social media

Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and videos, but it may become addictive for kids. They will post every detail of their existence online, like where they study, home address, and places they visit. These things may help stalkers and criminals to follow your child around. If your teen posts carelessly, they might post debit card information or unintentionally attract criminals while on vacation. 

What can you do to reduce a child’s addiction to Instagram?

Now you have seen the warning signals, and you will want to address these particular issues. You can encourage your teenagers to engage in healthful activities rather than relying on the internet world.

Overcoming the Instagram addiction is not easy to accomplish within a day, and it requires family support, healthy screen time habits, and a digital life balance. Therefore parents need to check in with kids about their social media. Here’s what you can do to address Instagram addiction. 

Set time limits on the daily usage of digital devices

Children love to use digital devices, but there must be a limit on how much they can use them daily. Being a parent, you must be strict with the rules that you create. At first, your child might get angry because of setting limits, but you can make them understand that excessive use of mobiles will harm their behavioral issues and mental health.

As a parent, you can lead them by example. Many smartphones also have built-in screen time limits to help your child use mobile phones only during the time limitations. 

Prepare a daily schedule for your children.

Another alternative is to make a daily schedule for them. Every child’s schedule starts with an early morning bedtime on their mobile phones. So, try engaging them in household activities, recreational activities, and outdoor activities. It will help you create a bond with your child and also cut down their screen habits.  

Talk about consequences

Children are innocent and do not have any idea what social media can do to people. As Instagram has a lot of users, they might interact with predators and frauds. So, every child should know how social media can affect their real life. Parents are responsible for making them more cautious while using Instagram. And how continuous screen time can damage their health and social life. 

Set parental control applications 

Parental control applications are online monitoring tools that allow you to track the overall activities of a target device. It lets you monitor their Instagram messages, shared photos, videos, and audio-video call logs with time and duration. Parental apps offer several features like getting their real-time locations, time spent on every social media app, lock their phone after it reaches time limitations.

There are a lot of parental control applications available in the market. Some of the popular and reliable apps are MobileSpy, Spyerra, mSpy, Qustodio, and FlexiSpy. However, MobileSpy has always been a customer’s choice due to the affordable price that includes all features compared to other apps. 


Instagram’s growing popularity is causing obsession among teenagers. Today’s parents are pretty concerned about their child’s social media addiction. If you think your child is addicted to Instagram, it is better to make them understand the importance of healthy screen time habits. And you can also use parental control software on your child’s device to balance their real-life and screen-time.

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