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Australia is a highly developed country where you can get one of the best medical treatments in the world. A safe, top-quality, and affordable healthcare system will help you get rid of your health problems pretty easily. So, if you are planning to visit Australia for medical purposes, it will be a brilliant decision. 

But for that, you will first need to apply for a Medicare Treatment Visa for Australia. Formally, this visa is known as the Subclass 602 Visa, which can be granted to you after the Department of Home Affairs finds the application satisfactory. In this write-up, we have provided all the details you require for the application.

What Are The Benefits Of This Visa?

Once the Australian Home Affairs Department grants you the 602 Visa, you can enjoy lots of benefits discussed below.

  • This visa will allow you to study for a maximum of 3 months. If you meet the exemption requirements, you will have the opportunity of studying for a more extended period.
  • As long as your Australian medical treatment visa stays valid, you can stay in Australia. 
  • As per your current circumstances, you can have both single and multiple entries with this visa. 

What Is Referred To As A Medical Treatment?

As per Australian laws, the following procedures will be considered medical treatments.

  • Minor and major medical procedures
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Life-saving surgeries and treatment
  • Giving birth
  • IVF or in-vitro fertilization
  • Medical consultation and testing

When Can You Be Granted This Visa?

The Department will grant you this visa if you satisfy one of the following conditions.

  • You will have medical consultation or treatment in Australia.
  • You are going to receive or donate an organ.
  • You want to support someone planning for a medical treatment or organ donation in Australia and have applied for a medical visa.
  • Your age is below 50, and the Immigration Department has refused to issue you any visa for medical reasons.

What documents are required to submit with your application?

Like any other Australian visa, the 602 Visa application will also require some documents to be submitted. The usual documents will include:

  • Character documents
  • Documents as proof of your current financial situation
  • Identity proof
  • Documents containing detailed information about your medical treatment

Once you gather all these documents, you should now go for the application procedure.

The Detailed Application Procedure

Any visa application procedure can seem complicated as it involves so many document submissions and steps. For the best results, it will be better to hire a professional immigration agent from Perth who can provide you necessary guidance at every step of the application. The primary application steps are mentioned here.

  • First, you must make sure that you hold a valid passport to an eligible country.
  • Next, you should gather the documents as mentioned in the previous section.
  • Once all the documents are perfectly in order, you should now apply for the visa online.
  • After the application is made, you have to wait for confirmation from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • When the visa application is under process, you will not receive any updates. Instead, the Immigration Department will directly send you the final visa application verdict through email. 
  • If your visa application gets approved by the Department, you will have to submit your biometrics, including fingerprints and photographs.
  • You will also need to go through necessary health examinations. These examinations are generally conducted by the MOC or the Medical Officer Commonwealth. Australian authorities are very strict about public health and thus will never allow someone with any contagious or severe disease that needs constant support.

Both onshore and offshore application for the visa is allowed. You should also remember that you will not receive the application fee back even if your visa application gets rejected. 

Can you bring your family members?

Like most Australian visas, Subclass 602 also allows the holders to bring their family members. However, if the names of the family members are not mentioned in the holders’ passports, each of them should make separate applications.

Can you extend your visa?

Unfortunately, there is no option for extension associated with this visa. So, even if you want to lengthen your stay in Australia that will not be possible. However, there will be several visa options that you can explore. These options include student visa, work visa, partner visa, etc. So, if you want to continue living in Australia, you can choose this alternative.

Why should you need health insurance cover?

Having an approved health insurance cover is a mandatory requirement for this visa. It will not only increase your chances to obtain the visa but also reduce the overall medical costs. Remember, you are applying for a medical treatment visa and provide all your treatment costs from your own pocket.

How long does the visa take to get processed?

In general, the processing time varies on the number of applications submitted at a given time. The following information may help you understand that.

  • The processing time for 75% of applications is 29 days
  • The processing time for 90% of applications is 46 days

One thing to note here is that your visa application may get delayed due to several reasons. For example, if you do not correctly submit all the required documents or fail to submit documents asked by the authorities, the process will be unnecessarily delayed.

What is the application charge of the Visa Subclass 602?

Application fees are different for two different types of applications. It will cost you about AUD320 if you are making an onshore application. But the offshore application is entirely free.

Travel permissions associated with the visa

Before making your application, you should know the most vital aspect of the Subclass 602 Visa. Here we are talking about the travel restrictions imposed on the holders. 

For example, suppose the Department of Home Affairs grants you multiple entries. In that case, you can travel abroad and return to Australia more than once as long as your medical treatment visa remains valid. 

Usually, two types of travel permissions are granted to the visa holders – single entry and multiple entries.

Single Entry

The Immigration Department can grant you a single entry if you face the following conditions. 

  • You were not present in Australia when the visa approval decision in the case of an onshore application. 
  • If such a thing happens, you cannot return a second time to Australia.

Multiple entries

If you were present in Australia, multiple entries could be granted when the Immigration Department approves your visa. In that case, you can leave Australia and return here for once. However, you have to wait for the visa grant letter to know whether you can get this permission.

Final Words

If you want to get the most desired outcome with your application, it will be better to keep in touch with a registered Immigration Agent Perth. The best professional will first listen to your conditions and then give the most helpful advice. The impressive part of consulting a migration agent is that you can get the top-rated service in exchange for an affordable fee. 

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