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BFIC is a Decentralized Financial Coin built using third-generation blockchain technology. Innovation Factory is the mastermind behind creating BFIC that is supported by an enormous utility-based ecosystem. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a huge surge in cryptocurrencies. But none of the currencies are based on the foundation of the digital economy. 

Digital Economy:

The main moto of BFIC is to bring back the lost narrative and build a crypto-based “Digital Economy”. BFIC is universal and smart. Universal because it is designed in such a way that it is compatible with 100% global transactions irrespective of legislation, currency, or language. BFIC is programmed to last. Smart because, unlike the current standard accounting book, BFIC Protocol is at the source of the exchanges and incorporates a computerized trade code, as well as the management of a multitude of payment terms. BFIC is not just a mere cryptocurrency but it is rather a tool to initiate the process of the digital economic system. Third-generation Blockchain Technology, massive scalability, and huge utility-based Eco-system make BFIC the inevitable future of the Crypto Industry.

Inevitable Future of the Crypto:

Most of you will be thinking but how does BFIC differ from all the current cryptocurrencies? Right? Well, the answer is fairly simple. BFIC has the highest utility capabilities that the world has ever seen. Innovation Factory has backed BFIC with several other projects as well. BFIC is building a community of its own and so far it has been highly successful. Once the desired target is achieved, the full effects of its utility will be evident to the world. BFIC will soon be accepted worldwide and you will be able to make all sorts of purchases using only BFIC. From buying your car to traveling abroad, all of this will be done using BFIC. 

BFIC is backed by Third-generation Blockchain Technology

BFIC blockchain technology is one of its kind. It is a triple-layered architecture that guarantees low transaction costs, the highest level of security, and extremely swift service. All assets can be tokenized to circulate in Ethereum and other networks. The triple-layered structure is the main guarantor of its success. Each layer has an independent functionality and works in correlation to other layers. More than 100,000 transactions can be conducted per second which means the wait is time is almost nonexistent. Such a lethal combination of features is yet to be seen by the crypto industry. 

Utility that drives a Digital Economy 

BFIC offers massive utility. Not on just paper but also in real life. BFIC has the potential to compete directly with the top cryptocurrencies of the world. Any Digital Currency must have enough utility to stimulate demand and usage to support an entire digital financial sector. To ensure its global acceptance and usability, BFIC is underpinned by an ever-growing utility-based eco-system. To ensure the success of BFIC, Innovation Factory is simultaneously working on several other projects for the benefit of the community. The ecosystem of BFIC is comprised of Smart Contracts, 1st Investment, Insured Trading, Crypto Bonds, Credit Cards, and Crypto Commerce. A cryptocurrency has no value if it cant be used to shop online. With BFIC you can shop online on 150 plus international brands. You can also book flight tickets and enjoy the benefits of tourism. To maximize the utility of BFIC is one the main goal of Innovation Factory. 

BFIC Network 

The BFIC Network is a growing network that allows for real-time crypto mining on mobile devices. The network functions as a system that allows a large number of users to generate BFIC Coins cooperatively. It is the most secure and fastest mobile staking network to date. The BFIC Network is a component of the larger ecosystem. For BFIC coins, the ecosystem consists of many utility-based enterprises. This significantly increases the value and utility of BFIC, making it a valuable currency. You can mine BFIC coins on the BFIC Network and use them in these projects with ease! Income is generating in terms of valuable BFI Coins. 

Technical Knowledge:

You can trade and exchange BFIC on all major exchanges of the world. Since regular mining uses a lot of energy and natural resources, BFIC introduced blockchain-based Stake-Mining that can be done from your Mobile Devices. The App has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use for even a layman without any technical knowledge. 

Innovation Factory is adamant on building a Digital Ecosystem. BFIC is just one step into the right direction. Innovation Factory is working on several other highly creative projects that will work in supporting the mission of the company. BIFC already has undying support of its community from around the globe. And with compassion and resilience BFIC has already embarked on the journey of success. 


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