Magento Pricing – How It Compares to Other Ecommerce Platforms


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There are a number of factors to be considered while calculating Magento Pricing. The main objectives are to understand the nature of the customer, to get the most out of the sale and minimize costs involved in ecommerce. Since every business transaction is unique the approach to calculate the Magento Pricing must be customized for each case. The key factors to be considered are – Cost per Action (CPA), Cost per Sale (CPS) and the recurring fees. The latter is quite difficult to determine since the recurring fees may include discounts.

Why Magento is such a popular choice for ecommerce?

With bigcommerce, it is easy to understand why Magento is such a popular choice for ecommerce. Bigcommerce can host Magento themes, so that the user is provided with a full range of choices. Once the users have the themes they can customize them according to their preferences. This is where the cost of hosting begins. The reason behind this is that Magento Enterprise provides a lot of flexibility and functionality and many users will make use of these features to drive traffic and boost sales on their websites.

Benefits of using Magento marketplace

Advanced tools 

The most important benefit of the open source platform is that it is supported by a large community of developers. This provides users with the opportunity to use the latest and the most advanced tools and applications. Another advantage of the platform is that it has been built upon the principle of open source. This means that if there are bugs or any issues that are not addressed immediately, users can report them and get an immediate response from the Magento 2 Development services team.

Easy Magento Integration 

Users are also provided with a lot of benefits when they use the Magento platform for ecommerce. One of the most popular benefits is integration. By integrating Magento with other platforms, such as WordPress, you can get access to some of the most cutting edge applications. Such integration would allow you to build more personalized and creative websites.

Cost Effective 

Another benefit is that users do not have to spend a large amount of money in getting additional extensions or plugins. One of the most popular Magento plugins that you can use for your ecommerce platform is the WP- Expansion plug-in. This extension provides various functions, such as built-in store management, online catalogs and inventory control. If you do not want to use a plug-in, you can also use the built-in functions that come along with the core platform.

Free Magento Templates 

With all these great benefits, one might be tempted to think that using Magento for your ecommerce platform is extremely expensive. In fact, this is not the case at all. Since the plugins and extensions available provide free Magento templates, you can build your website for a fraction of the cost that you would spend on proprietary extensions.

Why do you need Magento Development Manager? 

Another thing that you can do to cut your development costs is to get the Magento website Development Manager. A Magento B2B Development Manager will take care of all the development needs that you have, and you will just have to focus on the higher levels of customization and security. The main advantage here is that you do not have to spend hours dealing with problems regarding PCI compliance. In addition, you can also use the platform as a free hosting platform for your website, which has a lot of added benefits.

Take away

Using Magento for your ecommerce platform gives you a lot of benefits. You can easily build websites that are not only attractive, but user friendly as well. You can create attractive and professional looking products without spending a large amount of money, and you can ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with the products they purchase from you. If you want to become one of the enterprise brands selling online, it is time that you invested in your business.


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