Merida- A Complete Guide


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Merida Mexico provides so much for travelers. No matter how much you go to Merida, you will always find a new thing to do when you visit. Merida has become the favorite destination of a lot of travelers. So, what can you do in Merida Mexico? Curious? Well, here are some of the best things to do in Merida Mexico. 

How Can You Get To Merida?

Well, the best way to get to Merida is to fly directly to Merida International Airport. It might only take you some 25 minutes by car to get to Merida. Therefore, your travels will not be troubling. 

If you think that going to Merida International Airport is not the most suitable way. You can use another route. Why don’t you go through the Cancun International Airport? Now, if you go through this route, you will have to go through a bus or rent a car. The reason why most people choose this way is that the flights into the Cancun Airport are quite reasonable. But, the drive might take some four hours. 

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Where Can You Stay At Merida?

If you are an amateur visitor to Merida and you are not familiar with the place, I would suggest you opt for the most friendly and safest areas in the town. These towns are Centro Historico and Paseo de Montejo. 

Fortunately, both these areas offer numerous hotels, hostels, motels, and Airbnb options. You can also go to famous restaurants, bars, and cafes. 

Things To Do At Merida, Mexico

Merida is a special place. The destination offers so much entertainment and fun activities that you will not want to come back. Therefore, to tell you more about this and to stir excitement in you, here is a list of the things you can do in Merida.  

1- You Can Go For The Paseo De Montejo In Merida

Now, the Paseo de Montejo is a two-mile-long street. The street is lined with beautiful green trees and bougainvillea bushes. Apart from this, you will find umpteen cafes and restaurants along the way. 

2- Pay A Visit To Monumento a la Patria In Merida

When you stroll the famous Paseo de Montejo, you will get to see a vast number of monuments right in the middle of the street. Out of all the monuments, the Monumento a la Patria is the best one because it depicts their culture.

Also known as the Monument to the Mother/Fatherland, the Monumento a la Patria is among the most visited and famous sights. The reason for the popularity of Monumento a la Patria is that you can walk right up to this monument. 

If you cannot get to the Monumento a la Patria during the day, you can visit the beautiful site at night. At night, the monument lights up with numerous lights, making it look more fascinating. 

  1. Go For A Walking Tour of Downtown Merida For Free

Downtown Merida is among the best places you can go when you are in Merida. Downtown Merida offers some of the best sights you have always craved to see. Downtown Merida is quite safe and provides a colorful touch of colonial architecture and photographs. 

If you want to get a more in-depth understanding of Downtown Merida, go for a free walking tour. Luckily, the Merida tourism office provides you with a one-hour walking tour. This tour helps you in seeing the magnificent beauty that downtown Merida can provide. Tours start at 9:30 am. 

  1. Head To The Plaza Grande (Main Plaza/Central Square) In Merida

Also known as the Main or central plaza, the Plaza Grande is the city’s central meeting point. Here you will find the major and biggest church in the city, a magnificent park, and some of the city’s vintage and most historical buildings. 

One of the best and most fascinating which cannot be missed is the Palacio de Gobierno or the Government palace. This great minty green building is filled with numerous government offices and various murals that are painted by the famous Mexican artist Fernando.  

  1. How About A Relaxation Time In Merida’s Parks?

The parks in Downtown Merida are breathtaking and the perfect places for all who want to take a break and relax for some time. You can head to Parque Santa Lucia for a photo of the Tu Y Yo chairs. You can also go take a look at the Parque de la Madre and Parque Hidalgo park. 

If you want to get the taste of both worlds, then the Parque Santa Ana is the place you should go to.  This park offers you a lot of eatery options. You can go for the traditional Mercado. The Mercado gives you an opportunity to eat numerous and the best foods of Merida. 

  1. Pay A Visit To The Museums Of Merida

Merida also has a lot of Museums. The largest Museum is the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. This museum holds the largest collection of great and ancient Mayan artifacts. But, to get there, you need to catch a taxi. 

Another famous museum in Merida is the Casa Museo Montejo. Located in downtown Merida, this museum has free entry. Unlike the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya, the Casa Museo Montejo shows you the works of the best and contemporary artists. 

  1. Interested In Shopping? Merida’s Markets Are Waiting

Although it might be off the radar of tourists, the Fundacion de Artistas is a museum, shop, and cafe. It features a Mediterranean-style outdoor cafe. It also provides unique pieces made by local artists. This makes it perfect for you to buy some unique stuff. 

  1. Eat at the Best Restaurants in Downtown Merida

Merida is the best place for all foodies. The destinations offer a lot of luxurious resorts and restaurants. Among these restaurants, the La Chaya Maya is the best. The Le Chaya Maya is among the most famous restaurants in the minds of travelers. This gorgeous restaurant provides traditional Yucatecan foods like Cochinita Pibil, Sopa de lima, and Papadzules. 

  1. Go To The Pueblos Magicos And Witness The Best Colonial cities With Merida

The Pueblos Magicos is located near Merida. It is a two-hour long drive, and you will find some of the best and most beautiful colonial cities. Among these colonial cities are the Campeche and Valladolid. 

  1. You Can Go For The Suytun Cenote From Merida Mexico

Although the Suytun Cenote is not in Merida Mexico, it is close to the place. Located close to Valladolid. The Cenote Suytun is among the best semi-open centos in the world. The swimming hole of the cenote is located underground, and you will see a small opening in the roof that allows the air and light to flow in. 

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