Mobile Apps: A Growing Industry Trend


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Mobile app development has emerged as a new and thriving sector in recent years. According to statistics, around 2.3 million app developers are currently devoted to keeping up with the latest trends and market expectations. In fact, Apple disclosed that in 2013, around 1.25 million programmes were registered in Apple’s app store, accounting for almost 50 billion downloads, which are fairly impressive figures. As a result, mobile app developers were paid approximately $5 billion.

The statistics presented above demonstrate why mobile app development has become a critical aspect in the success of any organisation.

Increased use of Smartphones and Internet access on Smartphones and Tablets

With the incredible and growing number of Internet users who utilise smartphones and tablets, apps have become an essential element of every user’s everyday activity. This is due to applications’ unique ability to easily access a large number of potential consumers. According to the PewResearch Internet Project, around 67 percent of U.S. users use their Smartphones and Tablets to access the Internet on a daily basis. The explanation for these incredible and outstanding figures is the continued development of Smartphone and tablet usage.

According to the Folio3 Internet Project, over half of smartphone users use apps for just about everything. And two-thirds of these users are regulars. The aforementioned statistics demonstrate how apps are continually engaging with a whole new and amazing client type that is constantly and intimately connected to the Internet. As a result, it is a route that allows firms to reach millions of new potential clients. All that is required is the creation of an efficient and faultless software that will enjoy the advantages of your efforts.

What are the main advantages of mobile apps for businesses?

There are numerous advantages to creating and distributing mobile apps. Let’s look at a few of the significant advantages for businesses and brands in a variety of industries.

Customer Loyalty is Increased

Apps thrive in constantly increasing client loyalty and retention, particularly in the mCommerce and retail sectors.

Increases brand value and revenue

Apps have the ability to provide unique opportunities for businesses and brands. Users are urged to download free versions of the apps that allow them to adjust their settings to match the individual needs of the customers.

Increases visibility and brand recognition

Users are continually increasing as a result of the convenience of use and increased availability of apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. Users nowadays do not want to waste time signing up for a mobile website because mobile websites are designed for information exchange, readability, and navigation rather than flawless process management. Since its beginnings, applications have provided consumers with seamless, simple, and functional access to information, products, navigation, services, and procedures. They are developed with the user’s real-time needs in mind, and are tightly optimised for their hands-on experience.

Increases sell-through

According to recent research and reports, mobile consumers spend more time on apps than they do on websites.

As we continue to evolve toward a mobile-centric and market-centric world, it’s no surprise that apps play an important part in the growth of any industry. So, by having an app produced, you may undoubtedly tap into a new range of customers, which will lead to commercial success and reaching new heights.


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