Open Car Shipping Services for Washington to California Routes


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The journey from Washington to California or vice versa is very long. Depending on the take-off and endpoint between both states, drivers can spend between 14 to 16 hours or more on the road. This is not taking breaks and other things into account.

As a result of this, many people making this trip would rather go by air, which is a lot faster and better. The trip by air would take less than 2 hours. For more on the comparison between making this trip by road and by air, you can visit:

Going by air means that you would have to leave your vehicle behind. This can be a big issue depending on the reason for making the trip in the first place. Well, what if you can travel by air and still have your vehicle available for use wherever you are going? This is what you get with auto shipping services.

Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping Services

You will be presented with two choices if you decide to use auto shipping services. It is either you have your car shipped over to you using an open or enclosed auto shipping service.

Experience has shown that most people choose the open auto shipment option rather than the enclosed option. Is this the right choice? Find out here as we discuss some of the benefits of using open-car shipping services for Washington to California routes.

Why Open Auto Shipping Services Are a Good Choice

Ship Car to Alabama - Auto Shipping Rates CHEAP

People who use auto shipping services are 7 – 10 times more likely to use open rather than enclosed auto shipping services. This is because of the numerous benefits which include the fact that it is:


These services can be 25 – 50 percent cheaper than the enclosed option. The exact cost margin depends on the company in question and several other factors.

But even at 25 percent being the lowest, it is safe to say that it is a lot cheaper. At 25 percent, assuming you pay a thousand dollars for an enclosed shipment, you would be paying 750 dollars if you opt for open auto transport. You can then imagine the cost difference if the difference is as high as 45 percent or even more.

That is a massive difference of 250 dollars. You can use this tool if you need help calculating the percentage differences.

So, why exactly is it this cheap? The scale of economies at work is the reason for this.

A lot of open trailers used by these companies are designed to carry large numbers of vehicles. In addition to the huge patronage, the operational cost of transporting these vehicles is less. This impacts the cost of this service.


It is one thing to have your vehicle delivered to you and another to have it delivered on time. In terms of delivery pace, open auto transport services better guarantee quick delivery of your vehicle. Some of the reasons for this include:


Given how 7 – 10 people are more likely to choose this service, this means that such trailers are quickly filled up and ready to hit the road. This is even though they carry more vehicles.

Weight Advantage

They are faster on the road because of their weight advantage. The trailers do not have to deal with the extra weight that the roof and sides of enclosed trailers add. This makes them easier and faster to drive.

Fuel Efficiency

They are usually more fuel efficient because of their weight advantage and a few other factors. This does not only impact their speed but means that there would be less need for stop-overs at gas stations.

Inspection Advantage

Drivers of open trailers that ship vehicles across states do not have to make frequent stops for inspection. This is because they have an open view and can see a lot from their side and rear mirrors.

Possibility of Expedited Service

Customers can also use expedited services. If you use expedited services when using Washington to California car shipping services, then you will have your vehicle delivered much sooner. However, there are cost implications as such customers would have to pay more for this service.

Regular Maintenance

It costs less to have your vehicle shipped using open car carriers. But even at that, a lot of companies pay more attention to the maintenance of their open auto trailers. This is because they generate the bulk of their revenue from them. This is considering how many people prefer to use them for auto transportation.


People are more likely to opt for cheaper services than expensive ones. This is not usually because they prefer such. Rather, it is because they are affordable. Open auto transport services are indeed very affordable.

However, they offer benefits beyond affordability as discussed here. So, you can decide to use open auto transport for these reasons.