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Are you going to undertake?

Yes? But… Are you scared?

Relax! In this post, I will teach you how to carry out your business without making the most common errors of perception of entrepreneurs.

And yes, these mistakes can lead your business idea to failure, even before it has even started.

You wonder … why?

Well, it turns out that the perception of starting and running a business branding consulting is often too heavy.

In addition, the fears we have can make the journey of entrepreneurship too complicated.

And if this is your case, DON’T BE AFRAID! Try to take things with a certain philosophy and learn from these mistakes so that you can take your business forward.

Don’t you think?

In the first place, among the errors of perception when undertaking is not to take into account that …

  1. Undertaking is a game:

Basically undertaking is getting some products and services that you are giving them value that you can sell.

And for that, you have to have a team, have some expenses, have an investment.

Therefore, entrepreneurship is a game and you may win, you may not, but in this game try to do it wisely.

Try to get capital, try to get the equipment, start slowly at what you want to do, but try to get into that game and win.

  1. Your biggest enemies are time and you:

When you start to undertake you have to run against time so that in a short period of time, with the investment you made, you get income that may be higher than the expenses you may have.


But in addition to that, you are your greatest enemy, because probably, without wanting to, you will put obstacles that delay your objectives.

So, the most advisable thing is that you take the time to plan things in the best way, consult the doubts you have with other entrepreneurs or people who help you move forward.

In conclusion, play against yourself and play against time, but above all, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

  1. Find the way among all the ways:

All entrepreneurship requires that you find the right path.

And how do I do it?

Well, when you undertake, no matter how much you have defined your business idea, you are going to find yourself with many problems and your job is to overcome them and stay on the right path to success.

And yes, there are many entrepreneurs who throw in the towel in this situation because they have a wrong perception of what it is to undertake.

Entrepreneurship is crashing and moving on, in fact, success is a sum of failures and then finding your way.

Of course, when you find it, accelerate hard to be able to carry out your venture.

You think?

And if you would like to know what is going to happen to your business as you grow,

  1. There is nothing personal, but you will sell emotions:

Let’s see, in your company what you sell is a product or a service, right? But in reality, what is sold are emotions.

As you read it, EMOTIONS.

For example, in a restaurant what you sell is to enjoy a good meal; on a trip, what you sell is discovering.

Or, maybe with the pen that you offer what you sell is to create because you paint or develop ideas.

In conclusion, people buy emotions through things, then offer them what they want and you will achieve success.

By last…

  1. Manage risk and act safely:

Entrepreneurship is about always evaluating risk.

For example, if I hire this person, what is the risk of hiring him, if I get this client, what is the risk of getting this client, or if I have this campaign and it goes wrong, what can happen.

The misperception is to take actions to get things, you must try actions, measure the risk if the time it will take you to move forward is higher or lower.

If an action has no risk and that action or whatever you want to do you do quickly and have little impact, do it.

But if it is something that has a high impact and has a high risk, for example, recruitment, a campaign, an investment in a product, try to segregate or try to make a sample, try to do a test so that you see what works.

So we come to the end, but I’m going to give you a gift.


A small guide so that you do not make the errors of perception when undertaking.

Take note!

If you want to know other types of errors so as not to fall into them, I recommend you visit my post Entrepreneur Personality Errors, it has everything you need to know.

I hope you like it and it is very useful!

Thank you very much for reading us.


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