Pest Control in Guelph – Homes and Business Places Need It


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Residential and commercial spaces are not safe from pests in Guelph. You can confront different types of pest infestation in Guelph and have headaches. Dealing with pests yourself rarely works, provided that pest infestation is small. Additionally, Over-The-Counter (OTC) pest control sprays are not very effective against pests. Some pests resist pesticides owing to pesticide resistance. Residential and commercial spaces can become the target of pests without proper pest control. Consulting professionals for pest control in Guelph is the best solution for eradicating pests from properties. Both homes and business places need pest control for good reasons, which we shall share with you in our post.

Why Do Homes and Business Places Need Pest Control?

You can encounter cockroaches, mice, rats, bedbugs, termites, wasps, ants, and more in Guelph. No pests deserve to live with you in your home or a business place owing to drawbacks they carry. Here are our reasons why homes and business places need pest control:

  • Pest Control Is Not Your Job: You can encounter various pests in homes or business places owing to uncleanliness. Keeping your residential or commercial space dirty will only invite more pests to your home. Controlling a large pest infestation is never easy, and you will not want pest infestation to increase on your property. You can avoid pest infestation if you sanitize your residential or commercial property timely. Nonetheless, controlling pest infestation yourself may turn the situation even worst for you. Hence, you need pest control to have a pest-free property in Guelph.
  1. Pest Control Prevents People: Many pests are known for contaminating food and causing allergic reactions. Some pests are disease carriers, such as mice/rats, and are harmful to your health. You will not want anyone in your family, children, or pets to suffer health risks as a homeowner. The same can happen with the people in a company without proper pest control. Moreover, some pests cause allergies to humans, such as wasps and roaches. You may catch food-borne diseases if you eat food, that is, contaminated because of the ants. Bedbugs are a nuisance for hotel owners and homeowners. Having a pest infestation on your property in Guelph has severe health risks. Thus, you need to consult professionals to deal with pests successfully.
  1. Pest Control Prevents Property Damage: Pests can also damage properties and decrease their worth. Mice and rats can damage electrical wirings, insulations, plasterboard walls, etc. Termites can reduce the worth of your property, too. They damage the structural integrity of your property and cost you a big loss decreasing your property worth. You will want everyone to feel safe on your property and without pests in Guelph. Plus, you will want to have a good resale value of your house, not decrease it. Therefore, consulting professionals for pest control in Guelph should make sense to the property owners.
  1. Pest Control Ensures Comfort: Pests are a mess for both homeowners and business owners. You will not want pests to annoy you day after day, contaminate your food, bite you unnoticeably, and damage your property. You will want people to feel comfortable in your business place or a residential space alongside you. Taking no action against a pest infestation is risky and costly at the same time. Families in homes and workers in business places can never feel comfortable with pests and do their duties. Hence, you must contact pest control professionals to get rid of the pests from your property and feel stress-free.
  1. Pest Control Prevents Reputation: Would you like mice or rats, or other pests creating chaos in your restaurant for customers? Or would your tenant feel comfortable living on your pest-infested property? You will not want to hurt your reputation in your Guelph, having pests on your property. Who can help you ensure your property is pest-free? Of course, pest control professionals.


Pests are a nuisance for the people in Guelph in business places and homes. Both residential and commercial spaces need pest control in Guelph for the following reasons:

  1. Taking care of pest control yourself will only enlarge the pest infestation on your property.
  2. Pests carry many health risks for children, families, workers, and pets.
  3. Plus, some pests can damage your property and decrease its worth.
  4. People on a property can never feel comfortable doing their duties with a pest infestation.
  5. Last but not least, a pest-infested property can hurt your reputation as a homeowner or a business owner.

If you have pests or unwanted animals on your property, you should feel free to contact Pesticon (, a pest control company, an expert at pest and animal control in Toronto, Kitchener, Cambridge, and Guelph.


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