Planning to Buy a Phone? Reasons to Consider Getting a Refurbished Phone.


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What is a refurbished phone? 

A refurbished phone refers to a pre-owned phone that was returned to the manufacturer by the user due to a fault and has been repaired for resale. However, some people return their new phones even if there is no fault in them. It can be because they are not liking it anymore or want to get a newly launched phone. Whatever is the reason, these phones are treated as refurbished phones. These phones are then well tested and thoroughly checked to ensure they’re in full working order before selling them once again. If you are not sure why you should consider getting a refurbished phone and how to get it if you want to, the following sections of this article will help you. 

Why you should consider buying a refurbished phone, not a new phone?

Well, there are several reasons why you should consider getting a refurbished phone, not a new expensive smartphone. However, the most important reason that will probably always top other reasons is their lower prices. As you have observed, the prices of the new models of smartphones are super expensive. Just like hundreds of other people, it might not fit into your budget set for getting a new phone. No worries when you have the option of refurbished phones. Since the refurbished phones are second hand phones, they are offered at a much lower price than the new ones. For example, 128 GB Samsung S9’s second hand price is about 249.99 GBP, while the price of a new Samsung S9 with 128 GB storage capacity is about 269.99 GBP on Amazon. Other than the price factor, reusing the old phones rather than brand new ones is a great way to help the planet. After all, reusing rather than recycling a phone is a much better way to prolong its lifespan. 

Things to remember while getting a refurbished smartphone:

  • Check for warranty

Whether you are planning to buy your refurbished phone from an online store or an offline one, make sure that you check the warranty period offered with it. Most of the time, you will find that the manufacturer or the reseller is offering a warranty of 12 months. Also, often, you will find that platforms or stores where the refurbished phones come with no warranty. You must keep in mind that you should buy a refurbished phone from a manufacturer or a reseller that does not offer a warranty. After all, this means even the manufacturer or reseller does not guarantee that the refurbished phones are good, without any faults. 

However, if you plan to buy it with a warranty, it is better to buy it from a trusted seller. After all, the trusted seller will perform multiple tests and checks to make sure that the smartphone is in perfect working condition when they are selling it. So, if you buy it from a trusted seller or manufacturer, there will be lower chances that the phone will have faults. 

  • Always read documents

Just like you check all the documents while buying a new gadget, you have to do the same while buying a refurbished phone. You need to go through all the details provided along with the smartphone. In addition to that, make sure to read the fine prints as they actually contain the hidden conditions like you can’t claim the warranty if you have broken the phone or dropped in water, etc. In short, you have to thoroughly read the details provided with the smartphone before you making the final payment. 

Over To You

So, what do you think now? Don’t you feel that getting a refurbished phone is a much more cost-effective solution? Well, there is no doubt that it is a cost-effective solution. Just have a look at the example of the Samsung S9’s second hand price we have provided above in the article. You will again feel it yourself why buying a refurbished phone is the right answer. However, we wish you good luck with whatever type of phone you end up buying. 

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