Popular Outdoor Features Buyers Are Looking For in a Home


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If you’re thinking about listing your home anytime soon, you probably don’t want to dump more money into it. However, sometimes even the simplest upgrades can increase the overall value of your home, which is always a plus! You know the saying, you need to spend money to make money. 

Now, you’re probably wondering what features you’d benefit from doing the most, right? Here are some insights from top agents from around the nation about the most popular outdoor features buyers will be looking for in 2021. 

1. Firepit

According to the agent insights, 54% say their clients are interested in buying a home with some kind of firepit, be it a mobile one or a permanent one. However, in the Northeast, 69% of real estate agents and 59% of Midwestern agents say a firepit is the most important outdoor feature.

Fire pits are desirable features because they add warmth during the colder months, are a great place to entertain and socialize with loved ones, or just to relax by yourself. It’s important that when you’re thinking about adding one of these, you’ll want to consult local ordinances for rules and regulations. Safety is paramount, after all!

2. Privacy fence or hedges

Although privacy fences or hedges aren’t the most popular in a particular region, 48% of agents all over the nation say their clients want this feature so they can have a bit of privacy. Who can blame them?

3. Full outdoor kitchen

Across the country, outdoor kitchens are highly desirable to 46% of agent’s clients and, more specifically, 57% of buyers in the Pacific region and 55% of buyers in the South Central region.

The outdoor kitchen is a great feature for folks who enjoy spending time outdoors and entertaining. The outdoor kitchen can be as simple as just a grill and a sink, but it can be as elaborate as a kitchen you’d find indoors, complete with a dishwasher, sink, range/grill, and even a small refrigerator. If you want to wow potential buyers, you could include a wet bar and a nice dining area as well.

4. Sun shade

A sun shade is another popular feature among 34% buyers around the country whereas the sun shade is much more popular in the Mountain region, as 52% of buyers are looking for this feature. 

A sun shade can be something as simple as an umbrella or a canopy, or it can be as fancy as a pergola, an awning, or even adding a few shade trees to the yard. Buyers are drawn to sun shade because they can enjoy being outside without worrying about getting sunburnt or the home heating up from the sun beating in through the windows, thus saving on the energy bill.

5. Screened in Space

Screened-in rooms are popular among 30% of buyers around the country but a screened-in space is particularly popular among 51% of buyers in the South Atlantic region. 

Screened-in rooms are a desirable feature because homeowners can enjoy being outside while being protected from bugs and inclimate weather. An added bonus is when a screened-in room can be converted into a sunroom simply by replacing the screens with glass windows during the colder seasons. 

Selling your home can be quite the headache, especially when you’re trying to think of ways to maximize your home’s value. If you aren’t sure which projects (if any) you should do, you can always ask your real estate agent for some insight as to what features are popular in your area.


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