Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels


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Alloy wheels refer to wheel rims that are made up of alloys of magnesium or aluminum, and sometimes both. The Alloys wheels that have magnesium as their crucial element are known as ‘Mag Wheels’. Majorly aluminum alloys are used to manufacture alloy wheels but magnesium also offers greater ductility and strength. 

Previously, car wheels were only made up of steel because they are more durable and strong, and along with this, the appearance of steel wheels was also decent. However, motorists prefer alloy wheels because of their aesthetic style. Alloy wheels possess higher thermal conductivity as compared to steel ones, reducing the brake failure chances as well. The alloy wheels are lighter in weight which means lesser fuel is burnt to overcome rolling resistance, hence the fuel efficiency of the car is increased. Alloy wheels have more longevity than their steel counterparts, making them a more affordable option. 

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Advantages of Alloy Wheels

Visually appealing – Steel wheels will never be able to look like alloy wheels. The cosmetic upgrade and the appealing visual impact of alloys make them the most preferred option for many motorists. They look very attractive, making your car stand out from the rest and increasing the value. 

Better performance – Alloy wheels are lighter in weight, hence transmit less inertia to the springs, allowing the suspension system to move more easily on difficult terrains. These wheels are manufactured to provide better grip, handling, cornering, and steering ability. 

Improved fuel economy – Since these wheels are lighter than their steel counterparts, the fuel efficiency of the car is also increased to a certain extent. Light wheels reduce fuel consumption as excessive weight is reduced.

Corrosion and rust-free – Alloy wheels can easily withstand corrosion and rust because of their unique properties. Therefore, the chances of damage due to regular use are very less, saving your cost and increasing the lifespan of the wheels.

Enhanced braking – Due to less weight, these wheels deliver better traction and grip on dry as well as wet road surfaces – this improves the braking performance of the car. Also, alloy wheels are known to reduce the chances of brake failure, increasing safety while driving.


Disadvantages of Alloy Wheels 

More expensive – As compared to the regular steel wheels, the alloy wheels are manufactured by a more complex process. This makes them a bit more expensive than their steel counterparts. Along with this, their repairing costs are also higher. So, one needs to take extra care after installing alloy wheels to their car. 

Fender bender – There are many advantages of installing alloy wheels UK but it is also important to note that they are less durable than standard steel wheels. Alloy wheels can function optimally only on tarmacked surfaces, taking them off-road will cause severe damage to the wheels. 

Less strong – As we all know, steel is one of the strongest metals, so they are much stronger than alloy wheels and can absorb more impact usually experienced on harsh terrains. So, this factor should be considered while buying AEZ alloy wheels. If you live in an area with bad roads, alloy wheels won’t be able to survive there.

Attracts thieves – With alloy wheels you need to be extra careful because their visual aesthetics has the possibility of attracting thieves. Take precautionary measures to secure your wheels like locking the nuts. 

After knowing the pros and cons of alloy wheels, if you are still determined to buy them for your car, then make sure to have a specialized alloy wheel repairing service provider in your contact book so you will not be stuck in the middle of nowhere in case of damages. Moreover, if proper care is taken of the alloy wheels, they will last longer and will be worth the investment. 


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