Protection & Performance of Bullhead safety glasses


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Wearing basic safety glasses on a daily basis may get tedious. When you wear Bullhead safety glasses, you combine form, function, and style. All of these glasses are ANSI Z87.1 safety certified, yet they have the look of trendy sport sunglasses. Add unique frame styles and vivid lens options, and try something different.

To begin with, Bullhead shares its aquatic namesake with other fish called safety glasses. The Maki series is the most popular. While the name conjures up images of your favorite sushi roll, these are really athletic and adaptable safety glasses. Bullhead Maki safety glasses are available in a number of lens shapes and colors. With integrated rubber nose parts, a sleek whole frame design is pleasant. This helps to guarantee a secure fit. The crystal transparent frame and blue mirror lens are not only eye-catching but also evocative of the ocean and sea. This is the most popular color scheme in the series. The Maki safety glasses are very lightweight and filter out 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.

Style Bullhead Safety Glasses

The Bullhead Swordfish safety glasses are another option to explore. These safety glasses are stylish enough to wear when reeling in a catch on the open water — or on the job site. The Swordfish series is distinguished by a lightweight half-frame and twin 8 base curve lenses. There are also other lens color choices. The most common anti-fog lens is the green mirror. A bifocal lens type eliminates the need to switch between prescription glasses during the day. All Bullhead Swordfish safety glasses include TPR adjustable nose parts and can accommodate a wide range of facial sizes.

Aside from aesthetics, form and pricing are frequently key considerations. Bullhead Torrent safety glasses are both lightweight and affordable. They are perfect for equipping the entire crew and are pleasant to wear for lengthy periods of time. The Torrent glasses offer a frameless style that is easy to wear all day. Anti-fog, mirror, and bifocal lenses are available. Foam-lined glasses defend against dust, grime, and liquid splashes. Because of the diversity of frame and lens colors, the glasses may be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Sunglasses, Goggles, and Glasses

Since Bullhead offers so many different styles, we recommend that you visit our website for a more complete variety. The Dorado, Wahoo, and Stinger are other popular series. Polarized and ballistic lenses are among the possibilities. Bullhead Safety goggles add to the brand’s eyewear lineup by adding new designs. They are inexpensive and have foam-lined anti-fog protection. Vented PVC frames allow for more ventilation and a wider field of vision, which improves vision clarity.

Safety Glasses Bullhead Maki     

This pair of bullhead Maki safety glasses have a stylish appearance and helps to give optimum protection against eye damage. These glasses are excellent for shielding your eyes from dirt and particles. They are not only useful for industrial labor but they may also be worn when riding motorcycles or boats.

They should be a good fit for your face, so you don’t have to worry about your glasses slipping off while you’re at work. The lenses are clear, so you may be guaranteed a good vision. These glasses are of the finest quality and provide excellent eye protection while working.

Dual 8 base curve lenses provide optimum protection and 100 percent optical acuity in a supersport lightweight frame. The MAKI’s soft TPR movable nose piece allows it to fit a wide range of faces.

To protect your eyes from airborne particles and debris, a detachable closed cell EVA foam gasket is offered. The Maki also includes twin injected TPR temple ends and integrated rubber nose pieces for a secure fit in any situation.


Moreover, all Bullhead Safety glasses include lightweight, flexible frames and temples that adapt to the natural slope of the head. This alleviates pressure points and discomfort, which are the most common reasons why employees fail to wear safety glasses.