Selection of Preferable ID Badge Reels 


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First of all, you need to know what a badge reel is? It is basically a case that holds a compactible cord connected to a badge holder. These are mainly of two shapes and use various types of clips.  

Generally, some organizations like schools, colleges, and companies use this holder. If you want it for your organization, you can easily order from the manufacturers that provide ID Badge Reels for wholesale.

What are ID Badge Reels?

An ID Badge Reel is a case consisting of a retractable string that is connected to the badge holder. There are two shapes available namely round and square shapes. With a diameter of approx. 1.25 inches, a belt clip is also attached. This Clip supports the badge reels to attach to the clothing.

The string that is attached to the holder is usually 27 to 36 inches long and uses a spring mechanism system. This system allows the string in retracting when you pull the ID card for use.

Types of Clips 

It uses different types of clips that attach the badge to the clothing of the users. You can use several types of clips to hook your retractable Badge reels. The type of clips we are talking about are as follows:

  • Belt clips
  • Closed-end clips
  • Spring clips

Reasons for its Use 

Badge reels are the most effective thing that secures your ID cards. Many organizations use these reels as an alternative for the lanyards. Using a lanyard can sometimes create a risk but the badge reels offer complete security with the IDs.

So, big industries and organizations provide it to their employees for beneficial purposes. Badge reels are the most effective and easier way to carry an ID card. These are designed so well that they will reach the swiping machine or to the extent you want. Undoubtedly, it will not interfere with your normal work as you always have the idea of its location now.

Benefits of Using ID Badge Reels

Some of the beneficial points that support its use are as follows:

  • Employees will not forget to bring the IDs at work because it eases carrying.
  • No interference in normal work routine for finding the IDs at the office.
  • There are fewer chances of misplacement or losing the IDs. As you attach them to your clothing.
  • The IDs will last for a long duration as it is inside a safe case.
  • You can customized ones according to the company’s name or logo that makes them more attractive.
  • Grants easy access to the IDs for carrying or swiping.
  • Always grants the display of the user’s details.

Place of Use

You can use it at various places where you need to carry your ID cards. Many organizations are already using it for all of the benefits that we have mentioned above. However, some organizations surely use these cardholders. We have mentioned all the places below:

  • Corporate Offices: Corporate office employees have to deal with meetings and deadlines every single day. However, they need to showcase their IDs to their corporate lives. These ID cardholders help them to display their credentials easily without wasting their time. Also, it makes carrying and swiping procedures very easy.

Apart from the corporate offices, other significant organizations also need these badge reels to hold their IDs securely. Some of them are Hospitals, schools, colleges, gyms and government offices, etc.,

Where Can We Get ID Badge Reels in Bulk?

Many manufacturers and dealers offer ID Badge Reels for wholesale. In case you want a bulky amount of cardholders, you can contact these wholesalers. Also, many manufacturers offer customized badge reels. So, you can order them with your company’s name and logos printed on them.

Are Printed ID Badge Reels Better?

Printed badge reels make a classy and unique image of your company as all the employees and staff are wearing them. Also, this helps your companies to ensure that every individual is wearing their IDs. 

Customized or printed badge reels make the works easier for several professions like doctors, nurses, teachers, and government employees.  


We have mentioned all the details and benefits of these cardholders that definitely clear all your doubts. You can now have a detailed idea about it to get the best out of it.


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