Smart Square HMH (Hackensack Meridian Health) Login 2023


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What is Smart Square HMH?

Smart Square HMH is an employee scheduling and administration software developed by HMH (previously known as Healthcare Management Systems LLC). It is delineate to automate the procedure of employee scheduling in numerous industries, with a main aim in healthcare. The software permits executives to generate and supervise employee schedules, taking into account numerous factors such as employee accessibility , skill set, and workload. It also supplies employees with a platform to outlook their schedules, make appeals for time off, and swap shifts with other employees. Smart Square HMH also provides numerous reporting and investigative tools, allowing executives to trace key metrics such as labor costs, extra time , and employee utilization. It is well known for its user-friendly interface, powerful characteristics, and robust security measures, making it an excellent option for organizations looking to efficient their scheduling and management processes.

Who Founded Smart Square?

Smart Square was established  by Healthcare Management Systems LLC (HMS), which was founded in 1984. HMS was acquired by the Hearst Corporation in 2017 and relaunched as HMH (Healthcare Management Systems LLC), which carried on to develop and support the Smart Square software. The primary founders of HMS were Tom Stephenson and Tom Smith, who started the company with the aim of developing inventive software solutions for the healthcare industry.

Advantages of Smart Square:

  • upgraded Efficiency: One of the main dominance of Smart Square is that it can notably upgrade the productivity of the employee scheduling and management process. With its self-operating scheduling features, it can save time and decrease the likelihood of mistakes or scheduling disputes .
  • Enhanced Communication: Smart Square gives a platform for employees to communicate with each other and with management regarding scheduling issues or swap , making it uncomplicated to coordinate and modify schedules as needed.
  • Real-time entrance : With Smart Square, employees and executives can access real-time details regarding schedules, accessibility , and workload, which assist to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Smart Square gives robust reporting and analytics characteristics that permit managers to make data-driven resolutions regarding employee scheduling and management, leading to better utilization of resources and improved outcomes.
  • Compliance: Smart Square is delineated to comply with numerous industry policing , such as HIPAA, to make sure that sensitive employee and patient details are safe.

Disadvantages of Smart Square:

  • Cost: Depending on the dimension of the organization and the particular characteristic required, the cost of executing Smart Square may be a disadvantage for some organizations.
  • Learning Curve: There may be a learning curve related to embracing Smart Square, as employees and managers may require to learn how to use the software successfully.
  • Technical Issue : As with any software, there may be technical matters or problems that can cause detain or disrupt the scheduling and management process.
  • Limitations: Smart Square may not be appropriate for all organizations or industries, as it is fundamentally delineated for healthcare and may not be personalized enough for certain needs.
  • Dependent on Internet Connection: Smart Square is an online platform, so it is depending on a secure internet connection to function correctly. Any disturbance in the internet connection can lead to detain and scheduling issues.

How to Access Smart Square HMH Login?

To enter the Smart Square HMH login page, you can obey these steps:

  • Open your preferred web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).
  • Write the Smart Square HMH web page address in the URL bar.
  • when the page loads, you’ll see the login segment on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Enter your login credentials in the suitable fields. You must give your username and password to log in to the programme.
  • Tap “Login” after entering the login credentials to enter the Smart Square HMH platform.
  • If you don’t have login credentials, you can contact your organization’s HR or IT department to obtain them. They will give you the obligatory login details to enter the platform.

How to Use Smart Square HMH Login?

Here are the footstep to make use of the Smart Square HMH login:

  • Dashboard outline : After logging in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard gives you an outline of your schedule, upcoming shifts, and other important details.
  • Schedule View: To view your schedule, Tap on the “Schedule” tab in the navigation bar. Here, you can spot your allocated shifts, appeal time off, swap shifts with other staff, and view open shifts that need to be filled.
  • Messaging Center: To enter the messaging center, tap on the “Messages” tab in the navigation bar. You can send and receive sealed messages from other staff and management, and set up notification alerts.
  • Reports: To view reports and analytical , tap on the “Reports” tab in the navigation bar. This gives numerous custom-made reports to trace overtime, shift coverage, labor costs, and other vital metrics.
  • Settings: To modify your account settings or refurbish your personal details , tap on the “Settings” tab in the navigation bar. You can supervise your profile, update contact details , and adjust notification settings.


In conclusion, the Smart Square HMH login platform provides numerous benefits for healthcare suppliers in terms of  well organized scheduling, smooth communication, and advanced staffing. With its newfangled algorithms, seal messaging capabilities, and powerful reporting characteristics, the platform helps healthcare organizations function proficiently , decrease labor costs, and increase patient care. The platform’s user-friendly interface and uncomplicated login process make it easy for healthcare suppliers to access and use its features successfully. Overall, the Smart Square HMH login platform is a treasure trove of tools for healthcare providers looking to ameliorate their time management skills and improve their workflow in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment.


  • How do I access the Smart Square HMH login page? 

To enter the Smart Square HMH login page, open your favorite web browser and write in the Smart Square HMH web page address in the URL bar. Once the page loads, you will see the login section on the right-hand side of the page.

  •  What login credentials do I need to access Smart Square HMH?

To enter Smart Square HMH, you will be required to give your username and password. If you do not have these credentials, get in touch with your organization’s HR or IT department to obtain them.

  • Is Smart Square HMH secure?

Yes, Smart Square HMH is a safe platform designed particularly for the healthcare industry. It incorporates advanced security characteristics , such as two-factor verification and safe messaging capabilities, to make sure the protection of sensitive patient details.

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