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What is Sniffies App?

Sniffies App is a location-based networking application specifically designed for gay, bi trans, queer and curious males who want to meet other like-minded individuals to discover their sexuality. The modern-day cruising platform allows users to be able to freely express themselves on an interactive map that displays nearby users as well with popular local meetup locations. Available on any device running an internet-connected browsing device, Sniffies App offers an original standalone web-based application designed to provide complete functionality without the need to download through the store for apps. Its robust messaging and posting features along with real-time videos through Sniffies LivePlay offer multiple ways for users to connect easily. Advanced filtering options and thorough personalization of profiles allow for customized experiences.

A new gay-friendly website is looking to help gay men “reconnect” in this hot sexy summer.

Although it’s not clear whether the post-COVID vaccination period will result in an increase in hedonism similar to the famous decade that came after in 1918 the pandemic A quick look of the mostly maskless naked men from NYC’s Jacob Riis Beach on a recent weekend suggests that, at the very least to the queer local community the 20s are advancing to the midst of a huge roar, baby. As tops, bottoms and N95s take to the ground this Pride month of celebration, an brand new hookup site (that’s website, not an app) is poised to make a splash over the more recognizable Grindrs and Scruffs we’ve seen on our phones , and make use of all the horned up post-quarantine enthusiasm.

Sniffies is a new gay hookup website (NSFW! ) which aims to bring you to the past of cruising by offering users an intuitive user interface that shatters the etiquette requirements of app stores . It lets users instantly find the closest gay or sexually active person floating (literally in the form of photos) around their area with a real-time updated GPS map. This method eliminates the annoying texting and etiquette that is used on traditional apps, and in some ways evokes the feel of a bathhouse, but in this instance the bathhouse is located within just a 5-mile radius around city blocks.

When I first discovered Sniffies App during a bout of drinking from a quarantine, it occurred to me just how much I adored the simple pleasure of seeing the actual bodies of my friends but usually from waist to hips. In this day and age of working at the comfort of your home Sniffies can be the perfect way to connect with no-cost informal hookups, casual chats, or lunch-time sexual experiments.

Information regarding Sniffies the origins of the site is difficult to find. The website has existed in some form or other since its inception in 2018 however it’s only been in the last year — particularly after the lifting of restrictions on pandemics–has it really appeared to be a reality. For more information I spoke with Sniffies the chief marketing officer Eli Martin. I requested Martin to discuss the app’s quirky name, its position in the world of zeitgeist and what it could reveal regarding the next generation of connecting.

Rhodes Murphy: Can you give me a detail about Sniffies the origins of Sniffies? Where did the idea originate from?

Eli Martin: The name Sniffies originated from an earlier website which was created to trade underwear.

That’s exactly what it was initially. We decided to keep the domain since it’s a distinctive name. The company has partnered with a trademark company now and they’re thinking, “The coolest thing about your company is that it’s extremely easy to trademark as your name is unique.” Now, “Sniffies,” the name, is referring to is more about taking a sniff of what’s around you and smelling out the enjoyment, the sensation of cruising. It doesn’t necessarily mean that for our users to be interested in …

The smell of socks or underwear, whichis, of course, a majority of our users do. Yes, I am.

In the end, it gave the website a name that is fun and we really enjoy the fact that everyone has their own opinion on it.In early days, the site was founded in Seattle. One of the first ways we advertised was on Craigslist. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Seattle and its surroundings, but it’s a bit of a rough location. There are plenty of gay people there who are open to trying new things and it’s definitely an cruising scene.

Oh, exactly. There are trees everywhere and you’ve got plenty of natural spots to visit. So, what we saw at first was the squeezing. The users would show up on the map, then they would return every day to look it up. The cool thing about this is that we’re actually not an application. It’s a web-based application, which means you’re required to physically input it. Then you can save it on your phone, but initially you’ll be going to the website and looking around and I’m sure that sensation that comes from going “back to the past of traveling” and letting guys discover in this authentic way, observing where people are located on a map is more exciting than gazing at the grid of people.

How do you believe Sniffies app can offer users something distinct from other popular hookup or dating apps?

The main difference currently is that Grindr as well as these other apps offer numerous possibilities. Grindr is really becoming it’s a Facebook. It’s like going on there and discover everything. It is possible to find a boyfriend, you might even sell your car. Perhaps you can locate your closest friend. However, Sniffies is a very specific site and app. You’re using it to meet people, share these intimate moments and I think that the idea of embracing that made us so unique. … Our android and IOS app do not disguise ourselves as an app for dating. It’s very sexually explicit.

I love it. It’s very entertaining. It seems like we all have an element of freakiness I’m sure you do. However, I don’t believe that it’s only for those you would think of as a freak. The main advantage in this case is the fact that users don’t need to download the application. It’s a thing you can jump on and utilize whenever. This has created a new world of possibilities for guys who may be somewhere in the sexuality spectrum and trying out different things to be able to share something with a male and not feel that they’re downloading an app in android and ios phones and making a commitment to something. We’ve even found ourselves talking with people who have worked for Grindr or similar apps one of their main applications is those who download Grindr and then decide to delete it. Then, the next day they download it again because they’re obviously horny.

Was there a directly derived inspiration? My editor mentioned that it brought him back to Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go has, I believe it did, I think. It’s possible that there were some ideas even at the beginning of gamifying the site however, we decided that this was not the right method for us. I’ll say that if you stare at a grid, when nobody is around, it’s similar to, at the very least, that if you’re gazing at Sniffies and you don’t find anyone and you’re having an enjoyable time watching a variety of dicks, butts and dicks all over the map.

You know, I’m serious is there anything more fascinating than that? Exactly.

Absolutely. I believe that our website creates a space that people feel comfortable to asking what they’d like and receiving it in a brief period of time. There’s also the excitement of cruising that was once and is now viewed as a little unpopular. We’re also providing a fresh method of experimenting and getting off that they’ve left an area of their lives in the midst of the pandemic when we’ve felt completely suffocated or scared. Perhaps just one or a few people.

Do you think that capturing the classic cruise experience is the primary objective of this site?

The most important inspiration was the times when they wish they’d done something, or could have talked to the person in a situation when you notice someone driving in person, and is only five feet from you, and you do nothing about it. We noticed that we’ve all the other apps to meet people but none of them are immediate. Sniffies is a site where you could meet somebody and browse the website and see the exact person who is next to you. If you’re viewing the site in, for example an outdoor park or public area, you will see the people you see are in your vicinity. It’s not always the case that people wish to exchange photos and have a lot of conversations. I’ve been in situations that I’ve gotten in touch with guys for months, but never met to see them again. This isn’t a common occurrence on Sniffies. If I don’t get to meet up with them quickly It’s rare. Also, Read More About – Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado?

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