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Do you like social programs that solve problems in communities? Are you looking for those kinds of activities? I have several Social Entrepreneurship Ideas in our business branding consulting service for you, you will surely love them!

There are 8 initiatives that will allow you to contribute to the well-being of many with ideas of social entrepreneurship that will probably motivate you to participate in each one.

It is what you are looking for?


Then you have come to the right place. In this article you will find everything you need to know about what is a SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, what are its proposals, why do companies develop these types of activities, what are the social benefits, who are social entrepreneurs and …

8 ideas for you to select the ones you like the most.

And if you can make them come true … Seek the support of a company and a competent team of entrepreneurs, surely you will be able to satisfy the needs of many people.

NOW … To take into account everything related to this exciting topic.

Let’s get started!

What is a Social Entrepreneurship?

Before presenting these ideas to you, it is important to know what the real meaning of Social Entrepreneurship is. Experts define it as a business idea developed by companies or institutions (public or private) to finance, plan and execute special programs that allow the solution of social, environmental, and cultural problems in a given population.

Others describe Social Entrepreneurship as a business technique, with particular characteristics, that allow executing companies to meet the needs of a sector of the community, or of society in general, as the case may be.

In other words, Social Entrepreneurship is born from the initiatives of companies or organizations that develop various strategies and work plans, in order to meet a social, environmental and/or cultural objective. And these initiatives allow the creation of values ​​for the benefit of the citizens of a sector of society.

Social benefits

Unlike a traditional enterprise, which could have as its main objective the production of a product and/or service, with economic benefits; The purpose of social entrepreneurship is to satisfy a social, environmental or cultural need.

A satisfaction that is achieved through the ideas and work of a work team of a company, without seeking economic benefits, but only social benefits.

In short, benefits that, in many cases, are of great help to sectors in need of solutions to common problems in their areas of residence, education, employment, recreation, among others.


Social Entrepreneurship is characterized by supporting a social objective, leaving aside the economic benefits or profit of the executing company or institution.

It also aims to launch a series of activities that provide comprehensive solutions to issues of humanitarian, community, and social interest. The purpose, in most cases, is to improve the quality of life of many people, especially children (when they require vital attention).

Who are the Social Entrepreneurs?

You already know what Social Entrepreneurship is. Now, it is important to define all those who carry out the objectives of this type of initiative. That is, who are the social entrepreneurs? What do they do? And for what?

These are people or work teams that plan, develop and execute ideas, projects, action plans, aimed at achieving a benefit for a sector that requires satisfying some type of needs.

In this case, these people or teams of entrepreneurs have the support (without any financial interest) of public or private companies, eager to create and consolidate social values ​​in specific communities. They use the ideas of change in order to achieve social, environmental, cultural, and, in some cases, moral and educational improvements.

If you want to become a social entrepreneur, in addition to working on social initiatives such as those run by some companies, you must meet a series of characteristics. Which?

  • Be a leader.
  • Analyze social problems.
  • Have change initiatives.
  • Value resources.
  • Motivation to achieve substantial improvements for others.
  • Teamwork.

Significant differences

Now, it is also recommended that you know the difference between a traditional entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur. The first is the creator of a need in its customers and consumers because it offers them the satisfaction of consuming its products or hiring its services.

While the social entrepreneur is dedicated to meeting the needs of a group in society, through activities, projects or work plans, altruistically.

You already know the important aspects of social entrepreneurship and its entrepreneurs. However, if you want to delve into this type of people and their characteristics.