Spiritual Surrender: Different Ways & Importance


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Surrender has nothing to do with giving up or losing. However, in spirituality, spiritual surrender means giving up things that no longer serve you. So, it is like releasing energy that was stuck inside the things you were holding onto.

Thus, spiritual surrender helps you to let go of anything that does not serve you. After the spiritual surrender, you feel light, easy, and mindful. Let’s have a glimpse of spiritual surrender before moving on to its importance. Further, do not forget to check different ways to practice spiritual surrender.

Spiritual Surrender: An Introduction

In ancient spiritual Vedic texts, spiritual surrender is also known as ‘joy of surrender’. It signifies the positive feeling that you experience the moment you let go.

The moment you let go, you are stepping out of the sphere of the set limitations that could be limiting your beliefs. You open up to limitless opportunities that open your social conditioning.

Moreover, spiritual surrender teaches you not to force solutions to problems. Rather, solutions come naturally to you when you sit quietly and practice meditation. However, for that, you might need to join a spiritual healing retreat.

In short, learning the art of mastering your mind from spiritual gurus is going to serve you forever.

Ways to Practice Spiritual Surrender


Spiritual surrender can be attained when you learn to believe in the Universe or the Divine force. You need to put all your faith in a single point without looking out for other possibilities. This means you have to believe yourself and your spiritual masters to let go of things.


To complement your beliefs, you need patience. Without patience, all your hard work will go in vain. With patience, your code of conduct for spiritual surrender completes. Be patient enough to let things grow and unfold naturally.


Being aware is another crucial element of spiritual surrender. This helps you to expand your consciousness when you are being patient. Thus, the practice of mindfulness helps you to be alert in the moment rather than letting an opportunity pass unnoticed.


One of the most powerful tools to practice spiritual surrender is to practice meditation. This moves your mind into the sphere of calmness. Hence, it allows you to connect with your true self without losing your path of spiritual surrender.


The art of yoga helps you practice love and devotion. Struggling with various forms of yoga and its asanas gives you the power to keep moving in life. In short, you learn to fight through the downhill paths in life. So, with devotion and dedication, you move one step closer to spiritual surrender.

Significance of Spiritual Surrender

Not Giving Up

When you practice spiritual surrender, you learn to submit yourself before the higher self. That does not include any form of submission to a living being. This means you are ready to take a stand for what you want or not in life. Hence, you never allow unwanted things to set a certain limit in your mind.

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Fighting For Right Things

You are a mere passenger in the boat of life. So, why entangle on every little stroke. Rather, be patient and learn when to fight for your life. This does not mean inaction. It simply means you have surrendered before the divine force and are aware of the perfect time to take some action. So, it gives you the tools to fight for what is right for you.

Trusting Yourself

Having no faith means you are going to doubt every soul coming your way. It even means you do not believe the true helpers also. Hence, you feel helpless. On the other hand, when you practice spiritual surrender, you learn to trust yourself.

Being Consistent

Regularity is one of the major benefits of practicing spiritual surrender. Do not wish to acquire everything with a single step. Rather, join the smaller dots, and over time you are going to become a spiritual master.

Wrap Up

Spiritual surrender is surely not an easy bout to win over. However, with regular practice of different ways, you are going to have a perfect life. In case you want to learn from venerable yoga masters, you should join one of the best yoga retreats for beginners. Over time, you will live a peaceful and calm life.

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