Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Home with Houseplants


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Aside from being a popular hobby these days, taking care of houseplants has a lot of health benefits too. Plants help reduce stress, improve indoor air quality, and even boost your productivity when placed in your office or work desk. Whether you prefer succulents, flowering plants, lush greens, or any other type of plants, the benefits are always present once you have greenery around. 

If you’re considering having plants inside your home, you could start small by having a few pieces on tables then gradually increase by adding potted plants on empty corners. Who knows, later on you’ll already be building your mini-indoor garden. 

Although plants are neutral decorations, there are still some ways to present them in a more stylish way. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home with houseplants more beautifully.

Use Decorative Pots

Since you’ll be using plants as decorations, might as well go for decorative pots as well to add more style into your home. Choose pots or ceramic vase that complement the décor of your space. Whether it is a matching set or a stylish mix of different pots, it would surely make your plant presentation a lot more beautiful. 

Odd Numbers

When arranging potted plants together, odd numbers always look great. Even number arrangement looks symmetrical and is perfect for more formal spaces or arrangements. However, odd numbers look more casual yet stylish as well, perfect for a more relaxed home décor.

Be Creative with Leaves

The leaves of your plants work wonders in beautifying your home. When creating an indoor plant arrangement, use a combination of different leaf shapes and colours for more interest and balance. There are plenty of leaf types you could choose from such as upward leaves, fountain-like leaves, trailing, and many more. When decorating with colourful leaves, you could place together plants that have the same hue for a harmonious look. You could also create contrast by grouping different colours together. 

Style with Sizes

Aside from the leaves, don’t forget to consider the sizes of the plant you are arranging together. Avoid grouping plants that have same height since it won’t look that interesting. Place together plants with different heights and sizes for a more natural and organic look rather than a symmetrical and uniform one. 

Consider the Plant Needs

Since plants are living things, you need to consider that it has some needs to survive and stay healthy. It is best to group plants with similar needs to make them easier to maintain. For instance, group succulents together in a space where there is more sun yet less moisture to keep all of them healthy. Placing together plants that have opposing needs makes it hard for one of them to survive or stay healthy. 

Now that you have these basic tips, why not try these steps on a few indoor plants first. As you get to know more on how to care for them properly, you could add more into your home to create a relaxing natural paradise. 


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