The Best Couverture Chocolate and Where to Find It


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Chocolate is one of those ingredients that is regularly celebrated as one of the most universally loved confections around the world. As many people would categorize themselves as “chocoholics,” chocolate is a well-loved ingredient that many people enjoy in a multitude of ways. Various forms of chocolate have been circulating around the world for centuries and have since evolved into a luxurious treat that anyone can enjoy. 

The world of chocolate is so vast that some people have even based their entire careers and lives on crafting unique and exquisite chocolate creations. Being that chocolate is quite a tricky ingredient to work with at times, chocolatiers and bakers alike are constantly trying to improve their skills and techniques when it comes to working and baking with chocolate. 

There are many different types of this silky, smooth, and rich confection, allowing this ingredient to be incredibly versatile and can be found in tons of different types of desserts. Typically, when someone thinks of chocolate, they will think of the three most common variations: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. 

While those three types are most typically associated with chocolate desserts and other chocolatey creations, there are other types of chocolate that can fall under those categories that deserve recognition. As many bakers and chocolatiers know, one of the best techniques for working with chocolate is to temper it. 

Tempering chocolate is the process of heating and cooling chocolate to certain temperatures in order to stabilize it to give it a glossy and smooth appearance once dried. Many high-quality chocolate candies feature tempered chocolate and you can immediately notice if the chocolate is tempered correctly when it creates a beautiful snap once bitten into. 

Tempering chocolate is a tricky technique to master, as any off-weather conditions or temperatures in the room can throw off the process and the chocolate could end up melty or sticky. 

However, once you have mastered the technique of tempering, all of your chocolate confections will be similar to the professionals. But, to truly get the best final product with your tempered chocolate, there is a specific kind of chocolate that works best with tempering.

Couverture chocolate is known to be the ideal chocolate for tempering and melting. But what is this fancy-sounding chocolate? The word couverture is given to all chocolates of a certain degree of quality. Unlike regular chocolate you would find at the local grocery store, couverture chocolate is ground to a finer texture during the production process. What really sets it apart from regular chocolate is its cocoa butter content. 

This chocolate has a much higher percentage of cocoa butter, giving it a more refined flavor and texture. This makes couverture chocolate the preferred product for tempering, enrobing, melting, and candy-making. 

Usually, it can be difficult to find the best couverture chocolate in normal stores near you. That’s why if you are looking to try out this high-quality chocolate for yourself, you must either find a specialty chocolate store or venture online. 

Looking online for this decadent confection may be the best option as it can give you much more options. While looking for the best couverture chocolate online, check out the selection from Stover & Company. 

Stover & Company is a great bakery ingredient distributor that supplies a wide range and a great selection of couverture chocolates. Not only can you find yourself in awe at the couverture selection on their website, but you will be surprised by all the other items for purchase at

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